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One Piece Chapter 1017

I’m here so we’re talking about one piece chapter 1017, this is one of those chapters it’s an informational chapter that’s given us information that we’ve been craving but not too much there’s one bit of information that i was like okay that’s fine and there’s the other where i’m like holy crap this is really really big news.

Let’s talk about one piece chapter 1017

Let’s talk about one piece chapter 1017 because it is a doozy okay oh Tama as we predicted Tama has a great role a very important role and she’s going to follow and see it through Tom goal is to switch as many people as possible to turn the tides of the war even more so than she already has i think a lot of people saw what was coming where tom was about to announce something to everyone everyone is asking where’s Bao Huang and it’s like who is this brat Tama was there to change things and i liked how they depicted her in the way that she was scared right she was in front of everyone and her goal was to tell everyone to switch sides follow luffy and fight together made me think of the opening we fight together you know what i’m talking about but that’s what tommy was doing i really liked when oda showed us the state of the battlefield right just giving us an idea of what everyone’s doing where everyone is everyone’s situation and it’s a lot to fill in it was a lot to put in there but he did it before time i made the announcement and after right i think that was very important because for us as readers we’re wondering what’s going on how is everyone doing in the previous chapter i didn’t talk about this as much i think i did mention it a few people i think Momono suke and who’s who had transformed back to their regular forms so they were no longer in their zone form so people are saying okay does this mean that these fights are being skipped i did not think that because it wouldn’t make sense i think more than anything Oda had set up who’s who and jimbe so he had to flesh that out he had to give us more dialogue and information between those two because.


I’ve been saying who’s won Jinbe who’s who in Jinbe Oda is setting them up for a reason and this reason came to fruition today and so we’re gonna talk about that today so geta say shout out to Jinbe. Jinbe has been written off by a lot of people because he’s fighting who’s who a member of the Tobiroppo  and so when people think of Tobiroppo  they think of oh t they think of page one they think of x drake they think of you know sasuke who’s who in my opinion is clearly above those guys he’s somebody that’s a bit different because of who he was compared to back then he says he was a rival to Rob Lucco now i geta remind you guys Rob Lucci is a part of cp 0 now Rob Lucci is one of the villains in one piece that i think has followed a trajectory similar to luffy’s not saying he’s still as strong as luffy i think luffy is definitely stronger than Rob Lucci right now however Rob Lucci’s progression once he comes back i think he’s going to be very strong because Oda has been showing us that he has been growing and before remember Rob Lucci was a prodigy so for who’s who fighting Jinbe he must be a prodigy as well so i geta say i’m happy about that because Jinbe again has not been getting as much credit for you know the experience that he has being on the seas as long as he had serving as members of the army for the fishman island kingdom a former warlord following whitebeard jimmy has been through a lot so this is showing Jinbe’s experience.

Jinbe Oda

 Jinbe did you think this was going to be a one-on-one Jinbe he’s like no like you have the numbers of course you’re gonna take advantage of that i’m you know this is what we expected we’re responsible for fighting the officers and with the officers you guys have grunts so for Jinbe this is him showing his experience and i absolutely love that and jinbei continues to show why he’s a fan favorite right in the midst of danger where it seems like everything was against him no fear no real reaction just mellow doing what he needs to do that’s the sign of an amazing subordinate and jimmy is no less than that so they showed before and they showed after and i saw my guy hamlet he’s now on their side shout out to hamlet and the tide is changing even see pizza they’re like okay what is actually going on because of course the numbers were still heavily in Kaido’s and his army’s favor now it’s hard to tell what’s going on because every part of the battlefield they’re turning on each other all the minions.

 The lifters the pledges they’re turning on each other so cp zero i don’t think they’ll be able to keep track as well anymore but now i wonder what they’re gonna do now you see the tide is turning where it’s becoming a bit more equal right where both sides in regards to numbers they’re starting to align cp0 who do you want to win are you even involved who are you rooting for but i think the end of the chapter would lead me to believe that they would be rooting for Kaido because if the end of the chapter is anything or any big information that we expect it to be cp 0 should be privy to this knowledge as well right before that we got queen that’s the information i was referencing where i’m not sure how i feel about it because it’s similar to sag where we get an abbreviation and abbreviations are cool but it’s like okay we don’t really get much yes mads it’s a it’s a it was implied that queen worked with judge and of course judge worked with Vegapunk and Caesar so there was a group of people researching something and i think lineage factor is a part of that obviously double fruits one you know if you want to jump into conclusions in regards to what this this alias mads could mean i mean i don’t know multifaceted alien devil fruit scientist i i don’t know however this abbreviation mads is something that is going to be important in the future because Vegapunk has been referenced in Wano before i’m really starting to think that Vegapunk at some point makes it to Monoma.

One to retrieve Kaido

 Whereas he would be the one to retrieve Kaido now we’ll talk about that at some point but i’m starting to think that Vegapunk is going to play a very important role towards the end of the arc even apparently it was said Vegapunk will explain or elaborate on devil fruits and their true meaning at some point in the near future so we geta wait and see queen cyborg form if i had to give it a grade probably a c plus or a b maybe a b minus right it’s fine it’s cool but it’s not the best right so i think b minus b right around there and we’re gonna get a very amazing battle between Sanji and queen of course it’s gonna be a battle of not only ideals but also a battle of technology Sanji’s raid suit versus queens cyborg isms right buffer queen constantly putting his friends seemingly in danger and playing games with his own people where for Sanji he’s always trying to save his friends keep them out of danger so i really can’t wait to see this battle unfold but that’s not the major thing of the chapter that you guys were waiting for right i know what you guys want to talk about i know what you guys want to hear so so so let’s get there wait wait wait there’s one thing we geta address zorro.

 Zoro is going to make it back into the fold initially i felt some type of way about it i was like okay Zoro’s coming back well i wasn’t mad about Zoro coming back because that was obvious he left the battlefield too early and zorro the right hand of luffy he’s gonna be back in the battle right that was obvious but i did mention that for certain moments for Oda.

 Zoro is going to make it back into the fold initially

Some moments have been a bit lazy right like for instance right and this is an honest critique for Nami, i would have liked for the Nami thing to be wrapped up in a different way right. Nami to be a bit more creative with using her powers because Nami and Usap two of the more creative and clever people in the series and for the most part it got wrapped up because big mom got involved so that is what it is for zorro here i geta say initially i was like okay this you know it’s expected but it was like all right whatever it’s pretty lazy however there’s some context that we will delve into in regards to why i feel better about it i don’t mind it okay i think that it’s fine Zoro’s supposed to come back anyway it’s not inherently bad right because i’m not saying that at all this is not bad how he got resolved because chopper is collaborating with the mink and the minx they’re going to heal zorro that’s just what’s going on but i wonder if there was another route that could have been explored how do you guys feel about that maybe it’s something that people like whatever it’s always going to come back anyway it is what it is right and for the most part that’s how i feel but you know just something i want to let you guys know okay we truly can move forward now who’s who apparently he’s a former cp9 agent and he was rivals with Rob Lucci the reason why he used with Kaido now is because 12 years ago he failed a mission and the mission was to defend a ship that was guarding Gun Gum luffy’s devil fruit.

Gun Gum luffy’s devil fruit.

The Gomu Gomu No Mi (Rubber)and the person that obviously took it was shanks i mean i think that’s pretty obvious that’s what they’re implying here but here’s the thing it could be a situation where shanks and Rob Lucci because remember after luffy ate the fruit like you had a reaction like hey the devil fruit we took from the enemy ship is gone so shanks could have taken it from another ship and not directly from the world government but i think it’d be cool if shanks took it right so i think Oda’s gonna go that route it’s not confirmed just saying that’s how i’m taking it but who’s who is a lot more important than we thought we figured he was going to be a very important character because of how he set it up ooh Jinbe i i know you but you don’t know me but i know you but who are you and who’s who so this whole diatribe in this chapter i enjoyed and i i absolutely love the lore because it leads to a very different question about luffy him being special his devil fruit what does this mean why were they protecting this devil fruit why were they transporting this devil fruit from where does this have any ties to joy boy is it back roger right why did shanks in particular choose this fruit right what does this mean for luffy going forward what does this mean for the devil fruit.

Luffy going forward what does this mean for the devil fruit.

There’s so many questions based off of just that line that it was stolen from the world government and was protected by cp9 not only cp9 somebody that rivaled Rob Lucci back then so essentially a prodigy this is big news and i think chapters like this going back to mads and just the information we got my favorite chapters because now we geta think we geta go back look at every time luffy’s double fruit is mentioned luffy’s devil fruit is referenced were there any hints that it was special how do you feel i mean this chapter ever since i read it I’ve been thinking and even my live stream i put my link below to the live stream that i do every week of the chapter where i do a live reaction the chat is speculating the chat is talking about the back they’re talking about the ancient history talking about Poneglyphs if luffy has this devil fruit and this devil fruit it he obviously has it over but if he has a very special devil fruit does this take away from luffy does this take away from the journey for you for one piece in general this was a very important chapter because it’s setting up the end game and the end game as scary as it is is something that we can’t wait to get to because we want answers and Oda does a marvelous job of giving us answers but then in the midst of that giving us more questions okay luffy’s double fruit might be special might be but why is it right so questions answers i absolutely love this chapter it was it was great yes towards the second half that’s when it really picked up but we got a lot to talk about we have a lot to talk about this is a perfect cliffhanger this is how you end the chapter because now i’m like bro where do we go from here i hope we get more information at some point i mean more than likely would be from Vegapunk but man give me your thoughts guys what do you think what resonated with you most this chapter was it luffy who’s who the fact that Rob Lucci pretty much is proxy is here for the most part man this was good it was refreshing right it’s one of those chapters.

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