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One Piece Chapter 1093: Luffy vs. Kizaru

One Piece Chapter 1093 is an absolute rollercoaster of excitement, with jaw-dropping moments, epic battles, and intriguing plot twists. Oda has delivered a chapter that will leave fans breathless.

Luffy vs. Kizaru


The chapter 1093 kicks off with a highly anticipated clash between Luffy and Admiral Kizaru. Luffy’s use of Gear 5 raises the stakes, and it’s clear that this battle will be one for the history books. Kizaru’s unchanging calm demeanor hints at his mastery of Haki, making this fight even more intriguing.

Bonnie’s Age and Actions

Bonnie's Age and Actions  One Piece Chapter 1093

Vegapunk’s reference to Bonnie as a “little child” has fans speculating about her true age. Could she be younger than we previously thought? Bonnie’s fight against the Marines showcases her Devil Fruit abilities and sets the stage for more Bonnie action in the future.

Zoro vs. Lucci

Zoro vs. Lucci  One Piece Chapter 1093

Zoro steps up to face an awakened Lucci, and the hype is real. Lucci’s respect for Zoro’s strength adds to the anticipation of this battle. We can’t wait to see Zoro’s skills in action as he takes on this formidable foe.

The Vega Tank and Sanji

Vegapunk’s involvement and the mention of the Vega Tank adds an interesting dimension to the ongoing events. Sanji’s partnership with Vegapunk could have significant implications for the Straw Hats’ mission.

Kizaru’s Clones and Escape

Kizaru's Clones and Escape  One Piece Chapter 1093

Kizaru’s use of clones in battle adds a twist to the fight, but what’s truly impressive is his ability to evade Luffy and return to the control room. This leaves us wondering about the true extent of his power and strategy.

Elder Saturn’s Appearance

Elder Saturn's Appearance

As the chapter draws to a close, Elder Saturn makes a menacing appearance. This mysterious character could be the wild card the Marines need to turn the tide. What role will Saturn play, and how will it impact the Straw Hats’ mission?


One Piece Chapter 1093 delivers non-stop action, surprising twists, and intriguing developments. While things seem to be going well for the Straw Hats, Elder Saturn’s presence adds an element of uncertainty. As we eagerly await the next chapter, it’s clear that Oda has more epic moments in store for us.

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  • 21 September 2023

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