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Chapter 2 of Boruto: Blue Vortex

In Chapter 2 of Boruto: Blue Vortex, Boruto is introduced with a new Rasengan gun named Uzuhiko. This mysterious name may have a hidden reference to Japanese mythology, linking Sasuke, Susano’o, and Amaterasu with Boruto’s sword, which I speculate to be the original Kusanagi blade from the Ōtsutsuki clan. The Kusanagi sword is said to control the wind, a characteristic that Boruto may have unlocked in this new chapter, especially when we examine the unique effects surrounding his sword. It is astonishing how closely these details align with the descriptions of the Kusanagi sword in mythology, hinting at a deeper connection.

The Ten-Tailed Monsters: Key to the Ōtsutsuki Invasion?

Chapter 2 of Boruto: Blue Vortex

One of my major theories in Boruto revolves around the role of the Ten-Tailed Monsters and their potential significance in the Ōtsutsuki invasion. Boruto mentions that Code modified them, alluding to a horrifying future. If these Ten-Tailed Monsters are indeed connected to the Ōtsutsuki planet and were possibly created by the Ōtsutsuki using their chakra, they could serve as a gateway for the Ōtsutsuki to invade Earth. This theory aligns with recent revelations and sets the stage for a potential catastrophe.

Boruto’s Drastic Transformation: A New Era

Boruto's  Drastic Transformation

The chapter kicks off with a showdown between Boruto and Code, highlighting a significant transformation in Boruto’s character. He exudes a mature aura, starkly different from Naruto, and more akin to Sasuke, albeit without the extremes. His interactions with Sarada raise intriguing questions about their relationship dynamics.

Sarada’s Growing Power and Boruto’s Protective Nature

Boruto's Protective Nature

Sarada’s immense power is on full display, although it’s just a glimpse of her potential. However, it’s essential to note that her behavior hints at distractions—possibly Boruto’s presence affecting her focus. Nevertheless, her role as a guardian of the truth within Konoha is vital, considering her strong attachment to the village and her aspiration to follow in Naruto’s footsteps.

Tentailed Monsters: Surprising Developments

Tentailed Monsters Surprising Developments

The Tentailed Monsters reveal a surprising ability—the capability to speak. This goes against their typical behavior, implying a deeper connection to the Ōtsutsuki clan. It’s also possible that they recognize individuals with significant Ōtsutsuki DNA, making Kawaki and Boruto prime targets for their consumption. This revelation suggests a more profound connection between the Ōtsutsuki and the Tentailed Beasts, shedding light on their true purpose.

Boruto’s Uzuhiko: Unleashing New Power

Chapter 2 of Boruto: Blue Vortex

Boruto’s battle prowess takes center stage as he wields his sword with unprecedented skill. His new technique, the Uzuhiko, showcases his growth and raises questions about its potential applications. Is it a spatial manipulation technique? Can Boruto control it mid-air? These mysteries deepen the intrigue surrounding Boruto’s evolving abilities.

Sasuke: The Second Blue Vortex?

The chapter’s title, “Blue Vortex,” may have multiple meanings. Sasuke, who has learned the Rasengan, could represent the second Blue Vortex. If he embraces this technique, it would symbolize his growth and position in the series. Alternatively, other characters like Sarada or Himawari might also delve into this technique, further expanding the narrative possibilities.


Chapter 2 of Boruto: Blue Vortex offers an array of revelations and mysteries, shaping the direction of the story. As Boruto’s character evolves, and the secrets surrounding the Tentailed Monsters and Uzuhiko unfold, we are left eagerly anticipating the next chapter.

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  • 17 September 2023

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