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Boruto’s Time Skip Powers: A Closer Look at the Jougan

The Jougan is a dōjutsu, or eye technique, that is possessed by Boruto Uzumaki. It is a mysterious eye that has not been fully explained, but it is known to have a number of powerful abilities.

One of the Jougan’s most notable abilities is its ability to see “chakra“. This allows Boruto to see the flow of chakra in the body, which can be used to find an opponent’s weak spots. It also allows him to track the movements of opponents who are using chakra, even if they are moving at high speeds.

The Jougan also has the ability to see through illusions, which can be very useful in battle. It can also see through hidden barriers, which can be used to find secret passages or traps.

In addition to these abilities, the Jougan also has the ability to travel through dimensions. This was first seen when Boruto used the eye to travel to “Momoshiki’s dimension”. The Jougan can also sense hidden barriers between dimensions, which can be used to track opponents who are traveling through different dimensions.

The Jougan is also the only dōjutsu that can perceive negative emotions. This allows Boruto to sense the presence of evil or malicious intent, which can be very useful in battle. It also grants him god-tier sensory abilities, even above the Sage of Six Paths. This was seen when Boruto was able to see and hear his friends looking for him in a different dimension.

The Jougan’s true power was on full display when Boruto fought Urashiki Otsutsuki. Boruto was able to see through Urashiki’s Ōtsutsuki shinjutsu portals, which allowed him to counter his attacks. This was something that no one else could do, and it showed the true potential of the Jougan.

Both Momoshiki and Urashiki recognized the Jougan as a powerful eye. Momoshiki called it a “pure eye,” and Urashiki said that it was “the eye of a god.” Toneri also spoke highly of the Jougan, saying that Boruto was the “star of hope.”

The Jougan is a mysterious eye with a great deal of potential. It is still not fully understood, but it has already shown that it is a powerful weapon. If Boruto is able to master the Jougan, he will be one of the strongest ninjas of all time.

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  • 13 September 2023

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