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Oda’s Hidden Clues- The Numbers on the Straw Hats’ Shirts

Yo, so there’s this theory that I’ve been reading about, and it’s blowing my mind. Basically, this guy figured out that the numbers on Luffy’s shirt, 56, are actually a reference to his Devil Fruit power. You see, in Japanese, the number 5 is pronounced “go” and the number 6 is pronounced “mu,” which sounds like “gomu,” which is the Japanese word for rubber. So Oda’s Hidden Clues, the theory goes that the number 56 is a way of foreshadowing Luffy’s Devil Fruit power, the Gomu Gomu no Mi.

But that’s not all. The theory also claims that the numbers on the shirts of the other Straw Hats also have hidden meanings. For example, Chopper’s shirt has the number 10, which could be a reference to his Human-Human Fruit, which allows him to transform into a human. Robin’s shirt has the number 87, which could be a reference to her Flower-Flower Fruit, which allows her to sprout clones of herself. And Brook’s shirt has the number 43, which could be a reference to his Yomi Yomi no Mi, which allows him to come back to life after he dies.

So, what does all of this mean? Well, the theory suggests that Oda is deliberately hiding clues about the Straw Hats’ Devil Fruit powers in their clothing. And if that’s true, then it could mean that there are even more secrets hidden in the series.

Of course, this is just a theory, and it’s possible that Oda’s Hidden Clues is just putting random numbers on the Straw Hats’ shirts. But I think it’s an interesting theory, and it’s definitely something to think about.

Now, here’s where things get even crazier. In a recent SBS, Oda actually responded to this theory! He said that he was surprised by the theory, but he didn’t give a definitive answer. So, what does that mean?

Well, it could mean that Oda is actually planning to have Kuma join the Straw Hats. Or, it could mean that he’s just messing with us. Or, it could mean something else entirely.

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  • 11 September 2023

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