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My Hero Academia Chapter 400: The Ultimate Showdown

Chapter 400 of My Hero Academia delivered the epic climax we’ve all been eagerly anticipating – the ultimate battle between the Symbol of Peace, All Might, and the mastermind villain, All For One. It’s a showdown that had us on the edge of our seats, and now it’s time to dive into the incredible developments that transpired.

The Set-Up

Chapter 400 picks up where the previous chapter left off, with All Might giving it his all to take down All For One, who had become a literal toddler due to the relentless attacks he had endured. The stakes are high, and All Might’s life hangs in the balance. The world watches as the battle unfolds in real-time, and it’s a moment that fans have been waiting for since the series began.

The Awakening of Toru Hagakura’s Quirk

Awakening of Toru Hagakura's Quirk

Before diving back into the main battle, the chapter treats us to a surprising twist involving Toru Hagakura, the Invisible Girl. In the aftermath of a battle against a villain, Toru finds herself inexplicably visible, exposing her to the world. This shocking change may hint at a Quirk evolution or awakening, following the pattern seen with other Class 1-A students, like Ochako and Todoroki. It’s a subtle reminder that even secondary characters are getting their moments to shine and grow.

Aoyama’s Dedication

Aoyama's Dedication

The chapter also highlights the determination of Yuga Aoyama, the hero known as “Can’t Stop Twinkling.” Despite suffering from stomach pains due to his Quirk, Aoyama pushes through, ready to be a hero on this fateful day. His commitment adds depth to his character and showcases the resilience of UA students.

All Might’s Ingenious Combos

All Might's Ingenious Combos

Back to the main event, All Might continues his relentless assault on All For One. Drawing inspiration from various Class 1-A students, he utilizes their Quirks to his advantage. From Mineta’s sticky balls to Earphone Jack’s sound-based attack and more, All Might demonstrates his deep respect for his students and their unique abilities. This callback to the heroes-in-training reinforces the theme of unity¬†and mentorship.

Stain’s Triumphant Return

Stain's Triumphant Return

The most jaw-dropping moment of the chapter arrives when Stain, the notorious anti-hero, makes his long-awaited return. He intervenes just as All For One is about to unleash a devastating final attack on All Might. Using his Quirk, Stain paralyzes All For One, turning the tide of the battle in favor of the heroes. This unexpected alliance with All Might marks a significant turning point in the story, as Stain finally chooses to aid the heroes against the villains.

What Lies Ahead

With All For One paralyzed, the battle seems to be shifting in favor of the heroes. However, All Might is in critical condition, and the outcome remains uncertain. Will All Might survive this battle? What role will Stain play in the conflict? And what challenges await Deku as he faces Shigaraki alone? These questions hang in the balance as the chapter concludes.


Chapter 400 of My Hero Academia is a monumental milestone in the series, delivering a thrilling clash between All Might and All For One. The unexpected return of Stain adds a layer of complexity to the battle, leaving readers eager to see how this alliance will impact the outcome. With All Might’s fate hanging in the balance, and Deku facing his own formidable adversary, the future of hero society remains uncertain. As the story continues to evolve, one thing is clear – My Hero Academia is showing no signs of slowing down!

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  • 17 September 2023

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