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One Piece Chapter 1095 – Luffy’s Mother Revealed!!!

Saturn’s aura emitting from his eyes hits on Bonnie and Sanji. They bleed at their heads, but they stay unhurt. Saturn’s powers are still a mystery – is it associated with Haki or his abilities of Devil Fruit?

Saturn, whom Luffy still immobilized, is apologized to by Kizaru. After that, Saturn tries to crush Luffy to the ground but Frankie raises his arm to save him. Saturn is the name of the last enemy to be defeated who leaves Luffy conscious but without talking.

One Piece Chapter 1095 - Luffy's Mother Revealed!!!

Saturn’s powers are enigmatic, similar to an invisible spiderweb that captures Vega Punk, Bonnie, Sanji, and Frankie. Vega Punk wonders whether it’s a Devil Fruit power, but it remains unrecognized.

Saturn proceeds to squeeze Bonnie, revealing a deeply personal motive: Then there is a flashback that gives important details.

The Flashback

One Piece Chapter 1095 - Luffy's Mother Revealed!!!
Here, Kuma narrates to a young Bonnie about the myth of Nika, which is closely associated to Luffy’s devil fruit. Kuma’s father was a member of a race of giants called “buccaneers”. Luffy, Kuma, and Bonnie are connected to each other in an unusual fashion by this connector. The father of Kuma also narrated the myth of Nika to his son and made its drum rhythm.

However, disaster strikes as Kuma’s father is shot by a Celestial Dragon for making noise. Kuma’s family had been captured, enslaved and sent to the land of Marijua because they possessed incredible strength, where they suffered several decade of humiliation.

This shows a relationship between Kuma and the Nika myth, and it also makes Kuma a person who wishes to be a liberator like Nika thus a revolutionary. The significance of Bonnie’s presence with Luffy, the Nika myth incarnation, is profound.

The Cruel World

One Piece Chapter 1095 - Luffy's Mother Revealed!!!

Saturn reveals Kuma’s true heritage to be of the “buccaneer” race, Giant offshoots, known for their strengths. This adds to the complexities of the character and the discrimination he was subjected to.

We flash back, 38 years back to God Valley, the island selected for Celestial Dragon human hunting game. This event is part of the Garp, Roger, and the Rock Pirates incident, and we await to learn the connection further.

The game’s champion is a Celestial Dragon named Garling. The Celestial Dragons are charmed by the young Garling. The game is mysterious and takes place on the island of God Valley that has natural resources and a name “God” that puts the Celestial Dragons’ god-like status in question.

Strangely, Saturn was located in the God Valley as it looked the same, both, in the past and the present. This suggests that he has lived a very long time, perhaps even indefinitely, thus making the whole thing more puzzling. However, the chapter suggests that it might disclose the relationship between the God Valley incident and Garp, Roger and the Rock Pirates confrontation.

The Most Shocking Revelation

One Piece Chapter 1095 - Luffy's Mother Revealed!!!
However, the most astonishing discovery is left for the last. Kuma’s bloodline, Jenny, is introduced. She looks exactly like Luffy, and is eating meat – which, of course, is Luffy’s food of choice.

In addition, Jenny’s interactions and her body appearance imply that she is Luffy’s mother, a mystery that has been hidden for more than one thousand chapters. This disclosure brings up many questions about her past, her relationship with Dragon and Dragon’s role in Luffy ‘s character.


One Piece in Chapter 1095 reveals a plethora of mysteries in a twist of events. The development lies in Saturn’s powers, the heritage of Kuma, and the God Valley incident. This could change the entire game by unveiling Luffy’ mother. Fans are left hanging in the next chapter with a break.

  • 11 October 2023


  1. J
    12 October 2023

    I think that suppose to be Jewelry Bonney mom, which would make more sense wouldn’t you say?

    1. MyAnimeThoughts | OtakuBoy
      12 October 2023

      Still not clear, things are fogs, cause we only got glimpse and mostly looks like D family, soon as we got latest chapter things more so wait for now

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