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One Piece Chapter 1094: Luffy vs. Saturn, following Kizaru’s defeat!

Hello fellow One Piece fans! In this latest One Piece Chapter 1094 review, we’re diving headfirst into the chaos and excitement that is One Piece Chapter 1094, titled “Warrior God of Science and Defense: This chapter 1094 has been expected for a long time and it doesn’t fail in its promise. From the expected unveiling of Elder Saturn to the climax Luffy vs. A lot to unpack in this Kizaru showdown. Therefore, get ready for a wild ride, as this chapter 1094 has numerous twists and turns.

Elder Saturn’s Mysterious Power

One Piece Chapter 1094: Luffy vs. Saturn, following Kizaru's defeat!

To start with, let’s go the star of the show, Elder Saturn. Lastly, at the end of the movie, we see this mysterious figure in action and it’s simply astounding. Saturn’s power is revealed as he undergoes a fundamental change. He looks like a black spider, just like Black Maria, his body shape has a flame pattern. His hair and beard are as wavy as clouds, and, besides, he has a special thing: a black cloud that is wound around his neck. This mutation suggests that Saturn is a waken Zone user and it’s incredible to see.

A Glimpse of Folklore:

The appearance of Saturn takes its cue from Japanese folklore and specifically from the yokai known as USI Oni, which means ‘Guki’, a strange and eerie character. Oda’s timing is perfect, because this revelation corresponds with the Hallow- even. It should be mentioned that these Yokai usually appear at the beaches to attack victims unawares, which is a parallel to Saturn’s frightening arrival from the sea to Egghead Island.

Luffy vs. Kizaru Showdown

One Piece Chapter 1094: Luffy vs. Saturn, following Kizaru's defeat!

This One Piece Chapter 1094 is centered on the showdown between Luffy and Admiral Kizaru. Even so, Kizaru is clearly in dire straits. He confesses that he cannot go on with the struggle if he is to do the mission. This illustrates how much of a formidable competitor Luffy has become. Kizaru feels exhausted and appears to have finally found his equal in Luffy.

Luffy’s New Attack

One Piece Chapter 1094: Luffy vs. Saturn, following Kizaru's defeat!

Surprisingly, Luffy reveals a new move, called the ‘Gugu No Star Gun,’ often referred to as the ‘Gum Gum White Star Gun’. This attack not only strikes at Kizaru, but also leaves a trail of star effects. In this instance, Luffy exhibits his command of his Devil Fruit and Kizaru admits, “Oh, this is bad”. It is one of the moments which gratifies fans because it signifies Luffy’s growth and power.

Saturn’s Intervention

At the height of chaos Saturn’s arrival coincided with the collision of Luffy and Kizaru. A weird magic circle featuring the five-pointed star and the Number Five sign is situated on Egghead Island, accompanied by fire explosions and the black lightning. These portents raise questions about Haki and Saturn’s power in the present One Piece Chapter 1094.

Bonnie’s Confrontation

One Piece Chapter 1094: Luffy vs. Saturn, following Kizaru's defeat!

In an engaging battle with two Vice Admirals, Bonnie is shown as a fierce force to reckon with. Her new attack, the Nde or Near-Death Experience, is fascinating and effective, leading us to contemplate if the aging Paramecia Devil Fruit of her will finally awaken. She enters a new phase however when she has an encounter with two Vice Admirals, one of whom carries a unique weapon, the seashell staff. The other Vice Admiral, Blu Grass, possess a Devil Fruit power which allows her to control anything she rides, the pacifistas included. Such formidable duo turns out to be a tough customer for Bonnie.

Sanji’s Heroic Intervention

One Piece Chapter 1094: Luffy vs. Saturn, following Kizaru's defeat!

It takes a moment of dire need for Sanji to leap to rescue Bonnie, revealing his strength, and willpower. The intervention in time shows a contrast between Straw Hat commanders and Supernova captains. Sanji’s actions set the stage for a fight of the titans with Elder Saturn.


All eyes are fixed as the epic showdown between Sanji and Elder Saturn approaches the next One Piece Chapter 1095, as if it was an introduction. Saturn’s power and the mysteries associated with the ongoing battles keep us glued to the edge of our chairs. The One Piece world becomes exciting as Luffy and Kizaru’s fight comes to a climax, with Bonnie’s past resurfacing.

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  • 4 October 2023

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