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S Rank Heroes


S Class

S Class- But really if you have aspirations to be a top-level hero then the class that you really want to join is S Class the elite and super-powered all-stars of the hero society almost all of them are extremely powerful and capable in their own way and we want to break down each hero and where they rank on the charts okay he may be ranked 17 out of 17 but the bottom of S Class is still quite strong and not someone you would want to challenge in a fight.

The S Class ranked heroes are a group of diverse powerful and strange individuals they’re usually the only thing stopping the entire world from being destroyed and at the end of the day it’s a good thing that they’re here we look forward to learning even more about these heroes as the series goes on well that’s a wrap on our breakdown of S Class Heroes.

1. Blast– In first place we have the middle-aged Blast, He is shrouded more mystery than any other s-class hero we haven’t even seen his face let alone his fighting abilities glass is considered to be the first hero like Saitama……. Continue Reading

2. (Tatsumaki) Tornado of Terror– In second place we have the 28 year old Tornado of Terror aka Tatsumaki she is a much stronger half of the psychic sisters and the sub proclaimed teacher of her…… Continue Reading

3. (Bang) Silver Fang– In third place we have the 81 year old Silver Fang aka Bang Bang and his brother Bomb were called the two greatest masters of the martial arts world by Garo……. Continue Reading

4. (Kamikaze) Atomic Samurai– In 4th place we have the 37 year old Atomic Samurai aka Kamikaze, aka the world’s strongest swordsman……. continue Reading

5. Child Emperor– In fifth place we have the 10 year-old Child Emperor the youngest hero in the hero Association much like metal knight his genius level brain is the key to Child emperor’s power…….continue reading

6. (Bofoi) Metal Knight– In sixth place we have Metal Knight aka Dr. Bofoi yet another mysterious figure he fights using remote-controlled robots ….continue reading

 7. King– In seventh place we have the 29 year old king also referred to as the strongest man in the world he is secretly the weakest of the S Class Heroes yet. continue reading

8. Zombieman– In eighth place we have Zombie Man one of the coolest heroes in the series he was created by the house of evolution where he was experimented on for a long time….. continue reading

 9. Drive Knight– In 9th place we have Drive knight yet another mysterious hero with an undisclosed age we do not know if Drive knight is a cyborg or robot but we do know that he is like an edgier Robocop….continue reading

 10. Pig God– The 10th ranked hero in that place we have the very very large Pig God whose age remains undisclosed he’s not your conventional hero….continue reading

11. Superalloy Darkshine– The 11th ranked hero is the 27 year old Superalloy Darkshine he is a bald muscular dude who is always the shiniest guy in the room…continue reading

12. Watchdog Man– The 12th ranked s-class hero is Watchdog Man a very mysterious dude whose age has yet to be revealed you wouldn’t think that a bored looking man in a dog suit would be strong but you’d be wrong…….. continue reading

 13. Flashy Flash– The 13th ranked s-class hero is the 25 year old Flashy Flash he’s from the same ninja village and was from the same graduating class as speedo sound sonic…… continue reading

 14. (Genos) Demon Cyborg– The nineteen-year-old Genos aka Demon Cyborg is currently ranked 14th. His family was killed by a cyborg and so he became a cyborg of Justice so he could get his revenge one day….continue reading

15. (Bad) Metal Bat– The 17 year old bad aka Metal Bat is the 15th ranked s-class hero like all manly men he values fighting spirit above logic he wields his signature bat has a tough persona of a delinquent……continue reading

 16. Tanktop Master– Tanktop Master is the 16th ranked s-class hero who heads the tank top army here’s a quote that captures his philosophy tank top is the source of strength…..continue reading

 17. Puri-Puri Prisoner– The 17th ranked s-class hero Puri-Puri-Prisoner he is the 33 year old insanely muscular prison boss….. continue reading

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