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In the entire series the 25 year old Saitama aka cape Baldy yes in the webcomic after the monster association arc Saitama gets promoted to a class rank 39 he’s still far from s-class but it’s good to see him making progress as we know Saitama can beat almost anyone with one punch during this video I will give ratings from the one punch man data book when we have them available and for Saitama we do Saitama is a physical type of fighter and the Association gave him the following scores a perfect tenant stamina a won in intelligence a won injustice a perfect tenant endurance the perfect tenant power a 1 in popularity a 3 in effectiveness and a question mark for fighting ability this makes this total score about 36 out of 80 in the hero association’s eyes genos gave Saitama his own scores a 15 plus out of 10 and stamina a foreign intelligence a 15 plus injustice a 15 plus and endurance a 15 plus and power a 1 in popularity a 15 plus and effectiveness and a 15 plus in fighting ability making his total score 95 plus out of 80 not bad even though it’s a mathematically impossible score it’s still way more accurate than the hero associations final score like the most normal punches are enough to take out most opponents in his serious punch didn’t even connect with anything but the force from it alone stock Boris’s collapsing star roaring cannon attack and took him out Boros was pretty much a god level threat since this one attack would have blown away the planet’s surface so clearly he was a threat to the survival of humanity yet Saitama beat him without even connecting his punch and Boros said that Saitama had strength to spare so he wasn’t even going all-out with his attack thus all the amazing feats that Saitama has accomplished the true extent of his power still can’t be accurately measured.

Saitama Characteristic
Nick Name Caped Baldy/Bald Cape (Hagemanto) Master (Sensei) (by Genos)
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 25
Height 175 cm (5’9″)
Weight 70 kg (154 lbs)
Location Z-City Ghost Town (Saitama’s Apartment) Z-City (Crappy Apartment Building) (Formerly)

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  • 11 October 2021

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