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Singing Love Like a Whisper

Type: Manga
Published: 2019 – Ongoing
Producers: Cha Jun-ho (Author), Cho Jung-hyun (Illustrator)
Genres: Music, Romance, Slice of Life
Source: Original
Adaption: None
Studios: None


Singing Love Like a Whisper is a manga about a singer called Beom-soo who likes his fan named Hyun-woo. However, Beom-soo is a kind and good man in his heart who believes that he can touch the world with his music. Hyun-woo is quiet and reserved but cannot help liking Beom-soo’s music and friendly nature.

They become intimate and fall in love as they get to know each other. However, their relationship is not without its challenges. Boom-soo cannot get a break as an up and coming musician, and Hyun-woo’s family is not pleased with the relationship.

In all these, Beom-soo and Hyun-woo are determined to be together. In good and bad times, they are there for each other. They also encourage each other to achieve their objectives.


Beom-soo: A kind and considerate busking musician who wants to use his music to bring the happiness.
Hyun-woo: Quiet and retiring, he is touched by Beom-soo’s music and kindly nature.
Hee-jin: A music producer that hopes for Beom-soo to be a great singer. However, Beom-soo is only after good music.
Ji-soo: Hyun-woo’s older sister who is not approving of his relationship with Seol.
Min-woo: Hyun-woo’s supportive younger brother who supports his relationship with Beom-soo.

What is About “Singing Love Like a Whisper”

Beom-soo and Hyun-woo’s romance and dreams are at the center stage. Beom soo strives to become a musician, although he is a talented singer and a hard working person. In the same regard, Hyun-woo, with support from Beom-soo and his family, is finding his place in the world.

On the journey, Beom-soo and Hyun-woo encounter several difficulties. The record labels reject Beom-soo from signing a contract, and Hyun-woo’s family does not support the relationship. They, however, stick to each other, and they always give each other support and hope.


Singing Love Like a Whisper is a touching story of love, music and believing in what you want. All the characters are likeable and well-developed, and the story is full of humor, romance, and heart-warming moments.

The manga is also noteworthy for its great artwork which depicts the characters and the world in a realistically detailed manner. The manga features some really nice catchy music which you will find yourself singing long after you have finished reading the series.

In summery, Singing Love Like a Whisper is a good manga for music lovers, romance lovers, and slice of life stories. It is a humorous and entertaining show that is bound to leave you happy.

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