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Hulk- Marvel Mangaverse

Hulk Marvel Mangaverse is a one-shot comic book by Marvel Comics published in 2000. The comic was authored by Warren Ellis and Kia Asamiya.


The comic book story is about Bruce Banner, a scientist who accidentally is exposed to gamma radiation and as a result turns into Hulk – a huge monster with great physical strength and durability. Banner’s sanity and the safety of the world are always at risk due to the Hulk.

The Hulk found in the Marvel Mangaverse universe is much more savage and dangerous than the Hulk found in the main Marvel universe. He is also more intelligent and has the capacity for strategic thinking.

This comic book starts with the event of Banner getting exposed to gamma radiation. He changes into the Hulk for the first time and causes havoc. Eventually, the Hulk is beaten by the Avengers, but the damage has already been done.

So the Avengers are on the heels of the fugitive Banner. He is also trying to learn how to control the Hulk.

Banner’s journey in search of a cure takes him to Japan in the comic book. He joins a group of scientists working on a new form of gamma radiation treatment.

Banner tests the treatment but it doesn’t work. In fact, the treatment makes the Hulk more dangerous.

The Hulk manages to escape from the scientist’s laboratory and starts another destructive spree. Eventually, he is stopped by the Avengers although he has caused a lot of damage.

The comic book ends with Banner still running for government and Avengers’ hide. He is also struggling to control the Hulk.


The Hulk manga fans will also like to read the comic book. Marvel Mangaverse: Hulk (2000) is a well-written and exciting comic book. It is a great introduction to the Marvel Mangaverse universe and its characters.

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  • 20 October 2023

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