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Super Ordinary Prefecture Chiba Legend

Type: Anime
Published: January 2024
Producers: Studio Comet
Genres: Comedy, Slice of Life
Source: Original
Adaption: None
Studios: Studio Comet


A Super Ordinary Prefecture Chiba Legend series is an anime depicting middle school girls in their daily lives and strange creatures in the city of Kashiwa, Chiba Prefecture in Japan. This series is famous for its ridiculous surreal humor and its touching moments.

Main Characters

Ichika Hoshino: A middle school girl living in Kashiwa, Chiba. Ichika is a nice lady and she is ready to lend a hand. She is a bit clumsy also, and it is a common thing for her to get into trouble.

Honoka Matsumoto: Ichika’s best friend. Honoka is a smart and intelligent girl who is always there for Ichika. She is also a bit of a tsundere, and therefore, she doesn’t like showing her emotions.

Duel: An enigmatic person who shows up before Ichika and Honoka. Duel is something of an enigma and he is usually naughty and fun-loving. He is also a true friend and will always defend Ichika and Honoka.

What is About Super Ordinary Prefecture Chiba Legend

Ichika and Honoka’s daily life in Kashiwa, Chiba is the plot of the story. As they pass along, they meet some weird animals talking cats, flying fish, and a giant rubber duck.

The two also experience some difficulties such as dealing with bullies, preparing for exams, and even finding themselves in a position of saving the world from a giant monster. Nevertheless, they are always there for each other and they always surpass their challenges.


Legend of Super Ordinary Prefecture Chiba is a heart-warming and funny series about friendship, courage, and staying true to yourself. All the characters are likeable and developed while the story is humorous, and it has its funny and heartwarming moments.

The anime series is also famous for its beautiful artwork that describes Kashiwa, as well as the characters. The animation is also smooth and well-coordinated.

In general, The Super Ordinary Prefecture Chiba Legend is a good anime for comedy lovers and people who like slice of life stories. It is a cheerful and amusing series that would definitely make you laugh.

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