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Spider-Man: Fake Red

Spider-Man: Fake Red is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yūsuke Ōsawa. This manga is serialized in Kodansha’s Seinen Magazine Pocket. From July 2019 to March 2020, it was printed in single tankōbon Volume. Viz Media licensed the manga for English release in North America and released it on June 13, 2023.


The narrative is a tale of a high school student named Yu Onomae who accidentally finds the Spider-Man costume that has been abandoned and becomes a hero. Yu is shy and introverted. He adores Spider-Man because of his bravery and heroism. When he locates it, he views it as a chance to finally be himself.

However, Yu soon understands that being a hero is not what it appears to be. He has no training or experience and he is always outmatched by his opponents. Moreover, he is forced to cope with the expectations of the people of the city who assume that he is the true Spider-Man.

Yu chooses to remain heroic, despite the hardships. He is taught how to use these powers and makes new friends who guide him through. He begins to understand what it means to be Spider-Man, and what it takes to be a real hero.

Spider-Man: Fake Red explores a number of themes, including:

  • Identity: Yu Onomae is grappling with identity issues. He is reserved and introverted, and he feels uncomfortable with people around him. As he discovers Spider-Man’s costume, he considers it to be a chance for him to have a new personality.
  • Responsibility: Upon his heroic status, Yu discovers that he owes a duty to the inhabitants of the city. He must live up to their expectations, and defend them against the dangers they confront.
  • Friendship: Yu gains friends who aid him as a hero in his journey. They are friends that support him and encourage him and help him to improve himself.
  • What it means to be a hero: Yu finds out that being a hero is far much more than having superpowers. It is about standing up for one’s beliefs even when it’s hard. It is also about willingness to die for others.

Anime adaptation

Anime adaptation of Spider-Man: Fake Red is scheduled to premiere in April 2024. The anime is being produced by TMS Entertainment and directed by Shingo Natsume, with Yūichirō Momose handling the series composition.

The anime’s cast includes:

  • Junya Enoki as Yu Onomae
  • Yūki Kuwahara as Emma Kodama
  • Toshihiko Seki as Spider-Man

Anime adaptation of Spider-Man: Fake Red Its release is anticipated in April 2024 under the title Fake Red. The anime is being produced by TMS Entertainment and directed by Shingo Natsume and Yūichirō Momose is working on the series composition.

  • The animation for the anime is planned to be a unique style combining traditional hand-drawn animation and 3D CGI elements.
  • The anime’s soundtrack will feature music written by Kenichiro Suehiro, known for his work on “Fullmetal Alchemist” and “Attack on Titan.”
  • The animation will have some guest voice actors like Hikaru Midorikawa as Venom and Aoi Yuki as Black Cat.


Spider-Man: “Fake Red” is an interesting and fresh Spider-Man approach. Both the manga and the anime adaptation are expected with much anticipation and the promise to deliver a fresh and exciting story to fans of all ages.

I am personally excited for its anime adaptation. The animation style is fantastic and the cast is superb. I am also interested in how the anime will adapt the original content of the manga, too.

If you are a fan of Spider-Man, or if you are simply looking for a new and exciting anime to watch, then I highly recommend checking out Spider-Man: Fake Red.

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  • 15 October 2023

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