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Sukuna would behave like Kurama in future?

I thought Sukuna would behave like Kurama from Naruto, Kurama in the starting is very dangerous and doesn’t anyone, He always destroys everything in his surroundings. can this theory be right it can happen like Naruto.

Sukuna might behave like Kurama in the beginning, however. At first, Kurama was very violent and did not like to be controlled. When the writer got angry, he liked breaking the objects in his surroundings.

Nonetheless, Kurama eventually learned to trust Naruto and work with him. He became a strong supporter of Naruto and assisted him in overcoming many enemies.

Sukuna may do the same. He may be very dangerous and hard to control initially. However, if Yuji manages to earn Sukuna’s trust, then Sukuna could become a powerful ally to Yuji and support him in the fight against other cursed spirits.

Although, Sukuna and Kurama differ from one another in some ways. Kurama was placed inside Naruto when he was a baby, and Kurama grew up with Naruto. Sukuna, however, was already inside Yuji when he was merely a teenager. Therefore, Sukuna does not know Yuji as well as Kurama’s new Naruto.

Sukuna is in fact much more evil than Kurama. Kurama attack Konohagakure was sealed within Naruto at first. Nevertheless, Kurama did not intend to wipe out Konohagakure. He was merely protecting himself. On the other hand, Sukuna seems to enjoy causing destruction and chaos.

Is Yuji able to change Sukuna’s Behavior like Naruto did?

However, in the beginning, Sukuna might act just like Kurama. Nevertheless, there are some significant differences between the two characters. However, whether or not to trust Yuji and work with him remains a question to Sukuna.

Personally, I think that it would be more interesting if Sukuna did not follow the same path as Kurama. It would make the story more unpredictable and suspenseful. It would also make Yuji’s journey more challenging, as he would have to find a way to defeat Sukuna without becoming a monster himself.

Only time will tell what the future holds for Yuji Itadori and Sukuna. But one thing is for sure: their relationship is sure to be complex and fascinating

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  • 15 October 2023

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