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The Weakest Tamer Began a Journey to Pick Up Trash

Author: Honobonoru500

Illustrator: Nama

Genre: Fantasy, Slice of Life


Ivy is a girl of tender age who grows up in a world where everyone has a gift referred to as Taming. Through taming, people can make monsters submit to them and keep their word. On the other hand, Ivy has no star hence she cannot tame. She lives a hard life because she becomes an outcast in the society.

One day, Ivy comes across a slime, a pathetic and low-level monster. However, despite its weakness, Ivy forms a friendship with the slime and names it Sora. Ivy and Sora make the deal and Ivy is Sora’s Tamer.

Ivy and Sora leave their village on a mission to pick up litter. Ivy holds this belief that by picking up litter, she can make the world a better place. On the way, Ivy and Sora come across new people, encounter problems, and understand more about themselves and the world.


Ivy: The protagonist of the story. Ivy is a starless girl who cannot tame monsters. She is caring, sympathetic, and justice loving.

Sora: Ivy’s slime companion. Sora is of feeble and low estate, yet loyal and bold. Tamed monster is the first and only in Ivy.

Druid: A mysterious figure traveling that Ivy and Sora encounter. Druid is one of the strongest Tamers, and he is a gentle soul. He offers assistance to Ivy and Sora as they embark on their journey.

Other characters: On the way they also encounter different people like the villagers, other adventurers, and monsters that are Ivy and Sora.

What is About The Weakest Tamer Began a Journey to Pick Up Trash

The story starts with Ivy and Sora leaving their village on their trail to pick up trash. At some point, they meet new people, experience difficulties, and learn more about themselves and the universe.

Firstly, Ivy and Sora are victims of prejudice, as some people tend to discriminate starless individuals. Others believe those who are starless are of no use since they fail to Tame monsters. those who are starless are of no use since they fail to Tame monsters. those who are starless are of no use since they fail to Tame monsters. those Ivy and Sora, therefore, need to show the rest of the people that starless individuals can also make a difference in the world.

Ivy and Sora also meet monsters during their trip. The world is full of dangerous monsters, and Ivy and Sora should stay out of trouble. But Ivy and Sora also discover that not all monsters are evil. Surprisingly, some monsters are soft and good, and they may even become friends.

However, as the journey continues for Ivy and Sora, they discover more about themselves and the world. Ivy realizes that although she is without a star, she can still contribute to the world. She also discovers that there are many good people in the world on whom she can always call for assistance.


A sweet story about a young girl who beat all odds to achieve her dreams and desires is The Weakest Tamer Began a Journey to Pick Up Trash. The story also delves on the significance of friendship and goodness.

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  • 25 October 2023

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