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The Witch and the Beast

Type: Manga
Published: 2016 – Ongoing
Producers: Kousuke Satake (Author)
Genres: Seinen, Adventure, Fantasy, Dark Fantasy
Source: Original
Adaption: Anime TV series (2024)
Studios: Yokohama Animation Laboratory (Anime)


A manga series, The Witch and the Beast (Majo to Yajū), is centered around a witch named Guideau and a man called Ashaf who walks carrying a coffin. Guideau is a feral woman who has the eye of a beast looking for a witch to break a curse. Ashaf is a quiet man with fragile features whose will be to help guideau.

Ashaf and Guideau proceed to a town that is controlled by a witch. They quickly find out that the witch is not what she appears to be and that she is the cause of the curse that afflicts Guideau.

Ashaf and Guideau need to join efforts to kill the witch and break the curse. This will be a journey filled with challenges, but also an opportunity for the characters to learn more about each other and the world in which they live.

Main Characters

Guideau: A feral girl with the eyes of a beast looking for a witch to release the spell cast. Guideau is strong and skilful in fighting but she is also kind and loving.

Ashaf: A calm and slender gentleman with some determination to assist Guideau. Ashaf is clever, but the fact that he is weak physically is clear.

Eda: A mysterious witch somehow connected to Guideau’s curse. Eda is strong and manipulative but she is also weak and lonely.

Krom: Eda has a young man from the Crimson Crows, a group of mercenaries. Krom is battle hardened and dedicated to Eda.

Yuliya: Crimson Crows’ member, a young woman. Eda, who is very strong in the fight, is very loyal to Yuliya.

What is About The Witch and the Beast

The story starts with Guideau and Ashaf in a town held captive by a witch. The witch turns out to be different from who they thought and had also cursed Guideau.

The witch places a curse on Guideau and Ashaf which they are forced to overcome and remove by working together. As they proceed towards the goal, they will confront many obstacles including the witch’s powerful magic, Crimson Crows, and their own fears and doubts.

Nevertheless, Ashaf and Guideau will also be able to know more about themselves and the world in the surrounding. They will realize there is minimal difference between them all and that they can do more by working together.


Witch and the Beast manga involves revenge, redemption, and love power. The characters are all deep and fully developed while the plot has lots of action, adventure, and romance.

It is also worth mentioning that the manga series has beautiful artwork which makes the characters and the world look real. The fight scenes are well-done and also enjoyable to read.

In general, The Witch and the Beast is a good series of manga for fans of seinen, adventure, fantasy, and dark fantasy. The series is well-written and well-drawn and will, no doubt, keep readers on the tip of their toes.

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  • 25 October 2023

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