What happens to Mikasa Ackerman after the end of the war?
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What happens to Mikasa Ackerman after the end of the war?

The final episode of Attack On Titan showed the end of the battle against Eren Yeager to save the world and the epilogue showed what life was like for Mikasa Ackerman after the end of the war. The anime comes to an end after 10 years of being shown in Japan and fans were finally able to see the end of the work in its animated adaptation.

The interesting thing is that the final episode not only ended the war, but also revealed everything that happened in the world a few years later. Mikasa is shown having a peaceful life but mourning the loss of Eren.

Mikasa’s ending in Attack On Titan

In the final chapter, we see Mikasa ending the war by giving Eren the coup de grace. 3 years later, the world begins to recover and move towards the next great conflict. However, Mikasa stays away from this new wave of battles.

As years pass, Mikasa continues to visit Eren’s grave. The interesting thing is that the anime doesn’t make it clear who she is, but Mikasa manages to get married. It is revealed that she moved on, got married, had children and lived a long, healthy life. She continues to visit Eren’s grave alongside her husband and, later, alongside her family.

Finally, she is buried next to Eren. The war continues, Eren is forgotten, but she managed to have the peaceful life he wanted for her (just next to someone else, something he didn’t want).

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  • 6 November 2023

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