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What’s the connection between underworld rulers and Tengentsu? | Black Clover

Primarily illustrating the rivalry and past of Ryudo Ryuya and Mushogatake Yosugi, Black Clover Chapter 351 also focused on the origins and functions of the Tengentsu and its relationship with the underworld.

Chapter 351 also revealed how Ryuya obtained the All-Seeing Eye and his journey to become the Shogun of Hino Land. In addition, the chapter contained important information pointing to Tengentsu’s connections to rulers of the underworld.

What's the connection between underworld rulers and Tengentsu? |

Black Clover: Connection between the Lords and the Tengentsu

Black Clover Chapter 351 contains flashbacks of Yosugi’s memories and his rivalry with Ryuya. Yosugi’s memories showed that he and Ryuya went to a place where the village elders said that whoever gets the Tengentsu must sacrifice their Yoryoku.

The description of where Ryuya and Yosuga were taken sounds like an underground door. Also, the condition of offering Yoryoku in exchange for Tengentsu appears to be an agreement between humans and lords.

At the beginning of the Black Clover series, Asta had to sacrifice his arm to use Love’s powers. Similarly, Yoryoku indicates Ryuya’s sacrifice in exchange for Tengentsu that he has faced the lords of the underworld.

What if there was a connection between Tengentsu and the Underworld?

In Black Clover Chapter 346, Ryuya seems to know in advance the power of the paladins of Lucius. He then described the Paladins’ individual abilities to Ryuzen Seven. This means that Ryuya can also see what’s happening on the subway thanks to his Tengentsu.

With his connection to the underworld, Ryuya can play a key role in the upcoming battle with Lucius. In Chapter 350, after Asta frees Sister Lily from the magic that made her one of the Paladins, she reveals Lucius’ plans. He said that Lucius combined his brothers’ flesh, blood, and bone magic with soul magic to gain great power.


It is not yet known what other properties Tengentsu possesses. Tengentsu could be a key factor in defeating Lucius. Yuki Tabata provided many important clues in Black Clover Chapter 351 that will serve as a point of reference for fans in future chapters. The next chapters will be full of surprises and action.

The last chapter showed how valuable and respectful Ryuya is. Yosugi’s past showed that he was chosen to be the shogun due to Ryuya’s benevolent nature and incredible wisdom.

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