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Yosuga and Ryuya’s past revealed, the Ryuzen help Asta battle the dragon | Black Clover Chapter 351

Black Clover Chapter 351, titled “With the Shogun of the Land of the Sun.” continued the events of the last chapter in which Asta faced the five-headed dragon alone. In the first three pages of The Black Clover, Chapter 351, Asta single-handedly fought a five-headed dragon, wounding them one by one.

With the Shogun of the Land of the Sun

However, the dragon is able to constantly regenerate and regain full health. So Asta worries and wonders what to do next. Meanwhile, Yosuga continues to fight the remaining paladin alone, with the latter using his ice attacks on Yosuga.

However, none of these attacks work on Yosuga, and he even taunts Paladin, saying that all of his attacks are only good for being noticed. Paladin begins to worry, saying he can’t afford to lose here to Lucius’ new fair world. Yosuga says he doesn’t care what he and his leader want, but he’s only here to defeat his opponents for his shogun.

Then, in Yosugi’s monologue, a flashback appears, revealing that from a young age, he was the strongest of his clan and country of shoguns. The only one who could match his skills was Ryu from the land of Goshu. The two became friends and rivals to see who would become the shogun.

Black Clover chapter 351 reveals how Ryuya obtained Tengentsu

However, when they were seventeen, an epidemic broke out in the Land of the Sun, causing the deaths of people across the land of lesser Yoruku. The only way to save her was to get the legendary Living Soul Herb. To find this herb one had to acquire a power called “Tengentsu”, believed to be the all-seeing eye, and the only ones who could acquire this power were either Ryu or Yosuga as they contained more Yoroku.

Black Clover chapter 351 reveals how Ryuya obtained Tengentsu

Yosegu was willing to let the weak die instead of giving up his Yoroku to help him become shogun, but Ryu didn’t hesitate and gave up his power to save the weak. He continued and people from all over the country followed him, and when it came time to decide who will be shogun, Yosuga says that everyone already accepts Ryu as shogun, and even though he has more power in the country, he decides Ryu follow as a shogun.

Back to the present, Yosuga demonstrates his powers and defeats Paladin with ease. Meanwhile, the other members of the Ryuzen Seven wake up worried about the dragon, but Ryu’s cheery voice brings the members back and they follow his and Asta’s orders to defeat the five-headed dragon.

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