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Why did Shanks wait for Luffy to become a Yonko before going to claim the One Piece?

Shanks is a complicated character with uncertain reasons for what he does. Nonetheless, Luffy had become Yonko and he waited for him to claim the One Piece before he went ahead to do it. Shanks waits for Luffy to become a Yonko.

1. To fulfill Roger’s last wish

Roger’s close friend, Shanks knew the secret about the one piece. Roger left his straw hat to Shanks just before dying and ordered him to find the next Pirate King. Shanks took this promise quite seriously, vowing to find a person who would inherit Roger’s legacy.

For the time being, Shanks decided to maintain secrecy on the One Piece. He realized that if the world learned about One Piece, it would initiate a new period of chaos and violence. He also wanted to ensure that the person who would find the One Piece was really worth it.

2. To test Luffy’s worth

Shanks had been keeping an eye on Luffy from his childhood. He recognized that Luffy had the potential to be a great pirate, but he also knew Luffy was still young and inexperienced. Shanks wanted to be sure that Luffy would be able to handle the burden of the One Piece before he went to claim it.

Shanks, meanwhile waited for Luffy to become a Yonko because he wanted to test Luffy’s strength, determination, and leadership qualities. Luffy’s aspiration of becoming a Yonko would also make him stronger and more influential enough to protect the One Piece from those who would misuse it.

3. To prove himself to Roger

Shanks sometimes felt weak in himself. He was a mighty pirate, but he also understood that he would never surpass Roger. Shanks wanted to show that he deserved to become a new pirate king.

So that means that Shanks will be the strongest pirate in this world after defeating Luffy who will become a Yonko. He would also be following Roger’s last wish by safeguarding the One Piece from the enemies.

How does Shanks react to Luffy as a Yonko?

How does Shanks react to Luffy as a Yonko_

Upon learning that Luffy had become a Yonko, Shanks was elated. He understood that Luffy was prepared to take over the One Piece and become the heir of Roger. Shanks had also come to realize that Luffy was the only one who could safeguard the One Piece from misuse by anyone else.

Nevertheless, Shanks felt a little sorry. He knew that if he could defeat Luffy, then his friendship with him would end. He also knew that the last step in proving himself to Roger was to defeat Luffy. It was a mixed feeling for Shanks, but he was ready to honor his pledge to Roger.


Shanks waited to claim the One Piece until Luffy became a Yonko for a number of reasons. He did this to honor Roger’s last wish, test Luffy’s worth, and show himself what he was capable of, to Roger. Shanks, upon learning that Luffy had become a Yonko, was overjoyed but also somewhat sad. The fact that beating Luffy would end their friendship and that he was determined to fulfill the promise to Roger did not deter him.

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  • 6 October 2023

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