Why Jiraiya Never Become Hokage?
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Why Jiraiya Never Become Hokage?

Jiraiya was an incredible ninja who lived in the land of Hidden Leaf Village. He had been strong and popular, but he never became Hokage for his village. However, there are various reasons for this.

Guilt over Orochimaru

Jiraiya was Orochimaru’s teacher and he was ashamed that his student fell into darkness. Orochimaru’s thirst for immortality forced him to carry out experiments on humans, perform forbidden jutsu against Konohagakure and thus turn his back on the village which he now saw as a threat. He felt guilty for not preventing Orochimaru’s corruption, and this burden was heavy for Jiraiya.

Desire to protect Naruto from the Hokage’s burdens

Jiraiya had seen in Naruto the “Child of Prophecy” that would alter the course of history among the shinobis. He also realized that the role of Hokage would greatly exert pressure and burdens on Naruto’s shoulders. Jiraiya did not want Naruto to bear the weight that had crushed him, and he believed that Naruto could serve the world better by choosing his own path.

Preference for a nomadic lifestyle

Jiraiya was a carefree person who liked to travel and to explore the world. His qualifications were not commensurate to Hokage’s administrative responsibilities. He preferred to use his ninja skills for collecting information and defending the village from a distance.

Belief in Tsunade’s leadership

Jiraiya understood Tsunade’s strength, her wisdom, and compassion, and thought she would make a good Hokage. He was behind her candidacy and advised her to take up the position.


This was a complex decision for Jiraiya. The reasons were as follows, he felt guilty for failing on his mission to protect the village. He was concerned about Naruto because he was the jinchuriki. Also, Jiraiya was a wanderer and therefore preferred staying

He remained a loyal and dedicated shinobi, using his skills to protect Konohagakure in his own way.

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  • 7 November 2023

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