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Theory and Explanation

Why The World Isn’t Ready for Elbaf?



The Giants of Elbaf: The Giants of Elbaf are a proud and ancient race with a rich history and culture. They are known for their strength, courage, and loyalty. They are also the keepers of a vast amount of knowledge, including the secrets of the Void Century.

The Mystery of the Giant Tree: The giant tree on Elbaf is a sacred site that is said to be connected to the gods. It is also said to be the source of the island’s magic. The tree is a symbol of hope and renewal for the Giants, and it is said that whoever can climb to the top of the tree will be granted a wish.

The Ancient Weapons: The Ancient Weapons are three powerful weapons that are said to be capable of destroying the world. One of the Ancient Weapons, Uranus, is rumored to be hidden on Elbaf. The Giants are determined to protect Uranus from falling into the wrong hands.

The Power of Giants: The Giants are a formidable force, and they are feared by many. They are known for their strength, size, and endurance. They are also skilled warriors and tacticians. The Straw Hats will need to be careful if they want to survive on Elbaf.

The Return of Jaguar D. Saul: Jaguar D. Saul was a former member of the Revolutionary Army and a close friend of Nico Robin. He was presumed dead after the Buster Call on Ohara, but he may have survived and is hiding on Elbaf. His reunion with Robin would be a emotional moment for both of them.

Brogy and Dorry Reunion: Brogy and Dorry are two giants who have been fighting each other for over a century. They finally ended their battle after the Straw Hats helped them to reconcile. Their reunion is a symbol of peace and hope for the Giants.

Shanks’ Affiliation: Shanks has a close relationship with the Giants of Elbaf. He is considered a hero by the Giants, and they are willing to help him in any way they can. A reunion between Shanks and Luffy would be a major event, and it could have a significant impact on the story.

Usopp’s Character Growth: Usopp has always dreamed of becoming a brave warrior like the Giants of Elbaf. Elbaf could be the place where he finally fulfills his dream. He could learn to harness his inner strength and courage, and he could even unlock the power of Conqueror’s Haki.

Prince Loki: Prince Loki is the ruler of Elbaf. He is a trickster god who is known for his cunning and deception. Usopp’s penchant for tall tales could lead to a showdown between him and Prince Loki.

Big Mom and Kaido: Big Mom and Kaido are two of the most powerful pirates in the world. They are both interested in the Ancient Weapons, and they may be willing to go to Elbaf to find them.

The Truth About Mother Caramel: Mother Caramel was a pirate who raised Big Mom and her siblings. She was killed by Big Mom, but the Giants know the truth about her death. This revelation could lead to Big Mom’s downfall.

The Grand Fleet’s Involvement: The Grand Fleet is a group of pirate crews that are allied with the Straw Hats. Hiruden, a member of the Grand Fleet, is determined to become the Giant King. Bartolomeo, another member of the Grand Fleet, angered Shanks in the past. Both of these characters could play significant roles in the Elbaf arc.

A Giant Emperor Battle? With all the Emperors converging on Elbaf, the possibility of a massive battle for supremacy could become a reality. This would be a war that would shake the world to its core.


The Elbaf arc is sure to be a major turning point in the story of One Piece. It will be a time of great change and upheaval, and it will test the Straw Hats’ strength and resolve to the limit. But it will also be a time of great hope and possibility, as the Straw Hats learn more about the world and their place in it.

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Theory and Explanation

Why Kawaki Might Become the Guardian of the Universe in Boruto: Two Blue Vortex



Why Kawaki Might Become the Guardian of the Universe in Boruto: Two Blue Vortex

Boruto: Two Blue Vortex has thrown us into a whirlwind of intrigue, with Kawaki’s fate at the forefront of everyone’s mind. But what if his destiny isn’t just about Konoha, or even Earth? What if it’s about the entire universe?

The Path to Redemption:

Kishimoto himself has hinted at Kawaki’s potential for redemption. But just like Sasuke, this path requires time and understanding. He needs to prove himself worthy of forgiveness, not just to others, but to himself. This means following his path, finding his purpose, and overcoming the darkness that resides within him.

Love and Loss:

Unlike Sasuke, who experienced love in his early years, Kawaki knew only cruelty before Naruto. This lack of love manifests in his current actions, even though they stem from a desire to protect Naruto and the universe from Otsutsuki’s threats. He simply doesn’t know how to express such noble goals healthily.


Parallel Paths, Different Scales:

Boruto and Kawaki’s relationship mirrors Naruto and Sasuke’s but on a grander scale. While Boruto protects the dying Shinobi era on Earth, Kawaki seeks to eradicate the Otsutsuki threat across the entire universe. This difference in scope sets them on divergent paths, ultimately leading to a clash.

The Final Battle and Beyond:

Boruto must defeat Kawaki, not just physically, but also emotionally. He needs to show him that he’s not an Otsutsuki at heart and that their goals are ultimately the same. This victory would mark the beginning of Kawaki’s redemption arc, similar to Sasuke’s.

Guardians of Two Worlds:

After his redemption, Kawaki, unable to stay on Earth due to his past sins, could become the universe’s protector, gathering intel and safeguarding it from outside threats. Meanwhile, Boruto would remain Earth’s guardian, ensuring the survival of the Shinobi era.


Is this the end?

Probably not. Kishimoto’s history suggests another sequel is possible, with Kawaki traversing the cosmos and potentially encountering new threats.

What do you think?

Share your thoughts in the comments below! Do you believe Kawaki will become the guardian of the universe? And would you like to see another sequel exploring his journey?


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Yuji’s Domain Expansion is Benevolent Shrine?



Yuji's Domain Expansion is Benevolent Shrine?

There is great interest in applying the concept of Yuji Itadori’s potential domain expansion entitled Benevolent Shrine. This theory goes into a deeper interpretation of what the name means compares it to Buddhism and relates it to Yuji’s underlying personality and abilities.

Contrasting Shrines:

The concept of opposing domains between Yuji and Sukuna is interesting. As the representation of a chaotic and destructive embodiment of Randall Naraka, Sukuna’s Malevolent Shrine is similar to the concept of Naraka as the Buddhist hell associated with pain and unspeakable suffering. On the contrary, Benevolent Shrine points to a realm of nurturing, and healing, grounded in the idea of Pure Land (a heaven in Buddhism).

Yuji’s Compassion:

Yuji’s name itself suggests a combination of eternity or permanence with benevolence and humanity. This intrinsic relationship to kindness and compassion complements perfectly with the idea that a kingdom is a place for healing and restoration.


Soul Manipulation Theory:

An interesting theory states that both Yuji and Mahito can manipulate their souls, but the effects differ. Whereas Mahito deforms and decays souls, Yuji may be capable of rebuilding and restoring them. This is consistent with their anti-philosophical perspective on life and the value of the soul.

Benevolent Shrine’s Potential:

This potential domain could offer various functionalities:

  • Healing: Mending physical and spiritual wounds inflicted by curses.
  • Soul Restoration: Purifying tainted souls and offering a chance for redemption.
  • Defensive Barrier: Protecting allies from harm within the domain’s confines.
  • Soul Exchange: Utilizing the soul swap technique on a larger scale.

Twist in the Tale:

The theory presents a dark possibility: what if Yuji’s true nature holds something sinister? Could he be a manufactured weapon programmed for destruction, masking his benevolence as a facade? This adds a layer of suspense and mystery to his character arc.

Expanding the Discussion:

This theory opens doors for further analysis:


  1. How would Benevolent Shrine manifest visually within the story?

  2. Benevolent Shrine could be a breathtaking sight in Jujutsu Kaisen. Imagine a serene garden bathed in ethereal light, adorned with cherry blossoms, pagodas, and tranquil ponds. Lotus flowers and Buddhist iconography weave symbolic threads throughout, while golden light emanates from Yuji, emphasizing his connection to benevolence. The serene landscape could adapt, intensifying for healing or shifting to a more ethereal form against negativity. This vibrant contrast to Sukuna’s dark and twisted Malevolent Shrine would visually underscore Yuji’s role as a beacon of hope. The true form of Benevolent Shrine awaits its unveiling, promising a visually stunning and thematically rich element to Yuji’s journey.

  3. Ultimately, the answer depends on several factors:

    • The true nature of Benevolent Shrine and its capabilities.
    • Yuji’s individual growth and ability to overcome challenges.
    • The role Benevolent Shrine plays in the larger Jujutsu Kaisen universe.
    • Would mastering this domain unlock Yuji’s full potential as a Jujutsu sorcerer?

      It remains to be seen whether Yuji’s full potential as a Jujutsu sorcerer is unlocking with mastery of Benevolent Shrine. Here are some possibilities:

      Unlocking New Heights:

      Refined Cursed Energy Control: This should make Yuji a master of controlling his cursed energy, on the healing and restorative properties of his cursed energy. This may result in completely novel techniques of offences and defenses shaped to fit his compassionate attitude.

      Advanced Soul Manipulation: If Yuji’s soul manipulation theory comes out to be true, then mastering the domain could give him access to all his potentials. Imagine him not only healing but also purifying spirits cursed, perhaps paving a way to co-habitation rather than exorcism.

      Unveiling Hidden Abilities: Benevolent Shrine could be like a catalyst, opening up dormant abilities in Yuji. It could be linked to a tradition of beneficent sorcerers, opening him up to lost techniques or even multiplying his natural ability to connect to souls.

      Challenges and Limitations:

      Spiritual Growth Required: It is possible that in order to master a domain related to healing and purity, Yuji will have to face his own inner demons and fortify his self. Finding positivity and remaining faithful to his values might be just as important to his technical skills.

      Vulnerability to Darkness: Although Benevolent Shrine provides the ultimate strength, it could also make Yuji a great monster to prey on with their empathy or domination purposes. Balance between compassion and strategic awareness may be part of the solution to preventing manipulation.

      Focus Shifts: Humanizing Benevolent Shrine could distract Yuji from proper combat methods, and as a result he’d be ineffective in hostile environments. The real test of his potential could be finding the balance between healing and fighting.

      While not a guaranteed key to complete power, mastering Benevolent Shrine could represent a significant evolution for Yuji, transforming him from a talented novice into a powerful force for good, with a unique and impactful role in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen.

  4. Could it ultimately play a pivotal role in defeating Sukuna or other major antagonists?

  5. Against Sukuna: Visualize the world of Yuji, which is a bright garden overcoming the darkness of Sukuna, recovering wounds as they are applied. The battle between light and darkness, hope vs. despair.

    Beyond Sukuna: Purification substitutes the process of exorcism that is, cleansing of cursed spirits instead of killing them. A tide of redemption for even the fallen, Benevolent Shrine’s light shines brightly.

    The Cost of Compassion: This mastery requires inner strength, immunity against manipulation and evil darkness. Yuji’s kindness which is a weapon also needs her own fortress.

    A Garden of Hope: Benevolent Shrine is not just about power but also represents the heart of Yuji, which is healing, not just fighting. This field, a battleground of the light only seems to cement the spice of unpredictability in the war against evil.


Benevolent Shrine, through its symbolic richness and potential application, adds a thrilling dimension to Yuji Itadori’s character and journey within the Jujutsu Kaisen universe. While its true form and purpose remain shrouded in mystery, the possibilities it presents are truly captivating.

Informative exploration of Yuji’s potential domain expansion. Remember, the beauty of theories lies in their open-ended nature, inviting further discussion and speculation. Let’s keep the Jujutsu Kaisen conversation alive!

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How Will Black Clover End? | Asta Vs Yuno



Black Clover’s Climactic Curtain: Speculations and Theories about Asta, Yuno, and the Destiny of the Kingdom

The future of Black Clover now, with its extended timetable and heightened plot, has the fans anticipating the end. Will Asta become the Wizard King? What becomes of Yuno, his competitor and friend? And will the Clover Kingdom be able to escape from the hands of the impending dangers?

Asta’s Unwavering Resolve:

Undoubtedly, Asta the underdog driven by grit and determination is bound for greatness. Such an unswerving determination and anti-magic skills have carried him through countless trials, and the partnership with Liebe, the wicked devil, holds the promise of additional power-ups yet to be realized. Asta’s evolution during the series implies that he will be instrumental in overcoming the opponents and defining the future of the Clover Kingdom.

Yunno’s Starlit Destiny:

Yuno, endowed with wind magic and royal aura, has always been walking an opposite course to Asta. Their competition has brought out the best in both and their coming battle looks set to be spectacular. In contrast to the impending menace of Lucius’s schemes, Yuno’s destiny gets a fascinating twist. Will he be reduced to the villain’s domination, or will his sense of loyalty and elusive strength allow him to free himself before the ultimate battle and become Asta’s ally?


The Clover Kingdom’s Crossroads:

The Clover Kingdom was once a symbol of stability but now has internal and external threats. Spade Kingdom’s, Diamond Kingdom’s political turmoil, and Lucius’s underhanded schemes all orchestrate to undermine all the stability in the region. The final arc will most likely have the Clover Kingdom step up to challenge where Asta, Yuno, and the Black Bulls are instrumental in bringing the magic world together to combat common enemies.

Theories and Possibilities:

Some popular theories among fans about Black Clover’s ending:

Asta and Yuno’s ultimate showdown: This highly awaited face-off could be either person’s game. Both characters have a huge amount of force and unlimited drive. Perhaps, their rivalry may eventually result in appreciation and cooperation and the formation of a united front against the real evildoers.


Lucius’s downfall: Lucius with his time magic and ability to control paladins is very enigmatic and could be considered the major threat. A united assault by Asta, Yuno, and the other magic captains will probably be required to claim his defeat, which could involve the marshaling of their various special traits and cooperative efforts.

The rise of a new era: Camaraderie and unity have always been the great concepts in Black Clover. The end may show a more peaceful and democratic magic world in which different kingdoms exist in harmony by the ideals of Asta and friends.

Beyond the Speculations:

Yuki Tabata the creator of Black Clover has concealed the ending of the series. His character development, intricate world-building, and epic battles on the other hand, in my opinion, suggest that the finale of Asta’s journey will be satisfying and unforgettable.


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