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Yuji Is Turning Into The Next Sukuna?

Jujutsu Kaisen fans have been debating whether or not Yuji is the next Sukuna for a long time. The case presents a good argument on both sides.

First, Yuji has been eating Sukuna’s fingers, which has enabled him to become stronger but also made him more subject to Sukuna’s control. Furthermore, Yuji’s eyes have turned like Sukuna’s eyes. He is now very brutal and ruthless in war.

However, in the Jujutsu Kaisen manga, there are some signs that Yuji Itadori is becoming the next Sukuna.

But Yuji’s eyes are becoming like those of Sukuna now. Yuji’s eyes also have the same spiral pattern that is found in Sukuna’s eyes in Chapter 238. Such might indicate that Sukuna’s control over Yuji is expanding.

Yuji has become more cruel and bloodthirsty. The bloodlust and uncompromising brutality Yuji exhibited in Chapter 238 was unprecedented compared to anything we have witnessed from him before. This could indicate that Sukuna’s personality is beginning to emerge.

Yuji has eaten Sukuna’s fingers. The moment Yuji consumes Sukuna’s finger, his power grows. On the other hand, it strengthens Sukuna’s hold on him.

It should be mentioned that Yuji is still struggling against Sukuna’s influence. Sukuna turns into a monster, and he does not want to be like him. But if he continues to swallow Sukuna’s fingers, eventually Sukuna may inhabit his body.

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Some fans argue that Yuji is going to be the next Sukuna. They claim that it is the only way for him to eliminate Sukuna finally. Some say that Yuji will find a means to overcome Sukuna without being lost. We can only wait and see what lies ahead for Yuji Itadori.

Speaking of myself, I would much rather see Yuji find a way to defeat Sukuna without turning into a monster himself. This would demonstrate that he is more powerful than Sukuna, not only physically, but also in terms of being more mentally and morally grounded. It would also inform that one can overcome evil without becoming one herself.

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  • 7 October 2023

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