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What Is Sukuna’s Trump Card?

In Chapter 234 of Jujutsu Kaisen, Hikari hints at the existence of Sukuna’s trump card. While it’s not explicitly revealed, it’s likely that Gege Akutami, the series’ author, has something significant in store for Sukuna. This theory explores the possibilities surrounding Sukuna’s trump card and its potential connection to the 10 Shadows technique.

The Importance of Suspicion and Foreshadowing

Before delving into the theory, it’s crucial to remember that Jujutsu Kaisen often uses character suspicions and narrations as hints or build-ups for future developments. This technique adds depth to the story and allows readers to speculate about the plot’s direction.

The 10 Shadows Technique

One theory suggests that Sukuna’s trump card is related to the 10 Shadows technique, which is made up of ten powerful shikigami. While most have been revealed, there is still one unknown shikigami. This missing piece of the puzzle could hold the key to Sukuna’s hidden abilities.

The Inheritance of Shikigami Powers

In Chapter 234, it’s implied that Maharaga, one of the shikigami, was used strategically by Sukuna. However, there’s a possibility that Sukuna intended for Maharaga to die to give its adaptation ability to the other shikigami. This adaptation ability could be an essential component of Sukuna’s trump card.

Connection to the 10 Sacred Treasures

The 10 Shadows technique has been associated with the 10 sacred Treasures in the series. In Japanese mythology, when all ten treasures are brought together, they can cure any illness and even resurrect the dead. This connection suggests that the powers of the shikigami could play a vital role in Sukuna’s ultimate ability.

Resurrection or Reincarnation

Building on the 10 sacred Treasures connection, one theory proposes that if all shikigami were to die, Sukuna might gain the ability to resurrect or reincarnate into his old four-armed body. While some argue that Sukuna can already switch forms, this theory suggests that the ability might require specific conditions, such as the death of all shikigami, to be fully realized.

Yorozu’s Gift and Other Possibilities

Another popular theory is that Sukuna’s trump card might be related to a gift from Yorozu, an ancient sorcerer. This theory speculates that Yorozu could have crafted a very strong weapon or technique for Sukuna during their time together.

Speculation vs. Canon

It’s important to remember that these are just theories, and the actual development in the story might differ. Gege Akutami has a history of surprising readers with unexpected twists, so Sukuna’s trump card could lead to a completely different revelation.


The existence of Sukuna’s trump card is a tantalizing mystery in Jujutsu Kaisen, and various theories suggest it could be linked to the 10 Shadows technique, the 10 sacred Treasures, or a gift from Yorozu. Readers will have to await further chapters to uncover the truth.

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