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Boruto’s Connection to Otsutsuki God Shibai and the Secret of the Jogan

The Boruto series has captivated fans with its rich lore and intriguing plot twists, and one of the most enigmatic elements in the story is Boruto Uzumaki’s unique eye technique known as the Jogan. In this blog post, we’ll delve into a comprehensive theory that attempts to unravel the mystery behind Boruto’s Jogan and its connection to the Otsutsuki clan’s legacy.

Boruto’s Jogan: A Divine Inheritance?

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The Jogan, which translates to “Pure Eye,” has been a subject of fascination for fans ever since its introduction in the series. While the exact nature and abilities of the Jogan remain largely unknown in the manga, the anime has given us some intriguing glimpses of its power. Boruto’s eye is a striking blue, unlike his father Naruto’s, and many others in the Naruto universe.

Our theory begins with the idea that Boruto’s Jogan might not be a random genetic mutation but rather a divine inheritance. We suggest that Boruto’s Jogan is intricately linked to the legacy of the Otsutsuki clan, specifically to a long-lost Otsutsuki named Shibai.

The Missing Otsutsuki: Shibai

Before Kaguya’s arrival on Earth and the subsequent events of the Naruto series, there were two Otsutsuki members who ventured to Earth. Kaguya and her partner, Ishiki Otsutsuki, are well-known to fans. However, our theory proposes that there was a third Otsutsuki: Shibai.

Shibai is believed to be a significant figure in this theory. This missing Otsutsuki is not widely recognized in the Naruto lore, but we posit that Shibai might have played a pivotal role in Earth’s history. Shibai’s existence and actions remained largely concealed until now.

The Purpose of the Divine Tree

Divine Tree

The Otsutsuki clan’s primary objective when they arrive on a planet is to plant a Divine Tree. This tree, known for consuming the planet’s life force, eventually produces a chakra fruit, which the Otsutsuki consume to gain god-like power. Our theory suggests that Shibai, along with another Otsutsuki who may have been his partner, once attempted to cultivate a Divine Tree on Earth.

The Chakra Fruit’s Essence

When an Otsutsuki consumes the final chakra fruit from a Divine Tree, they are sent to a higher dimension, leaving behind a significant essence related to their powers. This essence, we propose, is not just limited to the Otsutsuki’s DNA but encompasses a unique, godly energy that becomes part of the chakra harvested by the Divine Tree.

Boruto’s Inheritance

Here’s where Boruto’s Jogan comes into play. We posit that, for some reason, Shibai and his partner failed to continue harvesting the Earth’s life force. Shibai, however, might have consumed the final chakra fruit before ascending to a higher dimension. In the moments leading up to his ascension, he manifested the Jogan as a fragment of his godly essence.

This essence, connected to the Jogan, was passed down to Boruto through his lineage. Kaguya’s subsequent actions and the intermingling of her chakra with human lineage contributed to the eventual manifestation of the Jogan in Boruto’s eye.

Kaguya’s Misconception

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Kaguya, in her desire to regain the power she believed her children took from her, might have misunderstood the true nature of the power connected to the chakra fruit. She did not lose any genetic abilities but, rather, the unique energy tied to the chakra she harvested from the Divine Tree.

The Impact on Earth’s History

The theory posits that the two missing Otsutsuki, Shibai and another, destroyed the gateways to Earth to prevent others from accessing it, leaving only one Divine Tree planted by Shibai. This explains why Earth had only one tree and no known Otsutsuki presence for thousands of years.


While this theory delves into speculative territory, it offers a compelling perspective on the origins of Boruto’s Jogan and its connection to the Otsutsuki clan’s legacy. It combines elements of divine inheritance, chakra essence, and a hidden history of Otsutsuki actions on Earth.

As the Boruto series continues to unfold, we eagerly anticipate discovering more about Boruto’s unique eye and its significance in the broader narrative. Until then, theories like this one serve as intriguing explorations of the story’s mysteries.

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  • 23 September 2023

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