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Beastars: A Tale of Love, Loss, and Identity

Type: Manga, Anime
Published: September 8, 2016 – October 8, 2020
Producers: Orange
Genres: Seinen, Drama, Psychological, Mystery, School, Romance
Source: Original
Adaption: Anime
Studios: Orange


Beastars is set in a world that is occupied by the carnivores who cohabit peacefully with their prey, the herbivores. The storyline centers on Legoshi, a gray wolf in the Cherryton Academy’s drama club. One evening, a herbivore student is killed and Legoshi is suspected of the murder.

Legoshi thus has to seek to clear his name and also uncover the real killer. However, Legoshi also starts developing feelings for Haru, a rabbit lady who is his clubmate. As Legoshi walks closer to Haru, he has to deal with his own predatory nature and the difficulties of living in a society where carnivores and herbivores are separated.


Legoshi: Cherryton Academy drama club, gray wolf. He is a gentle giant but sometimes he finds it hard to resist his inner killer.

Haru: A cute rabbit girl who is a member of the Cherryton Academy drama club. She is brave and independent and she does not shy away from defending herself from her adversaries.

Louis: The prince of the herbivore community of Cherryton Academy and a red deer. He is both intelligent and ambitious, but he is also crafty and calculating.

Gouhin: The carnivore’s panda therapist. He is kind and wise and he assists Legoshi in comprehending his predatory urges.

What is Story  about?  Beastars

Beastars are centered on Legoshi as he is on a quest to discover and punish the true killer of the herbivore student. In the process of investigating, Legoshi comes across a secret carnivore-herbivore society that is into all sorts of criminal acts.

Legoshi also starts to have feelings for Haru but their relationship is complicated since they are not of the same species. Legoshi has to restrain his predatory tendencies and accept Haru just the way she is.


Beastars is an elaborate tale that addresses issues of prejudice, discrimination, and identity. It is a well written and well animated anime that will stay with you after watching.

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