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Girlfriend, Girlfriend – You watch it!

Girlfriend, Girlfriend (Kanojo mo Kanojo) is a manga series created by Hiroyuki, and it is a romantic comedy of Japanese origin. It is a manga written by Akira Toriyama that has been serialized in Weekly Shōnen Magazine of Kodansha since March 2020. Its chapters have been collected into sixteen tankōbon volumes by August 2023. The series revolves around a teenager who has a polyamorous relationship with his childhood friend and another girl who confessed her love for him.


Saki Saki is a childhood friend to Naoya Mukai. One of his classmates, Nagisa Minase, one day decides to tell Sato that she is in love with him. He initially hesitates, but later agrees to be her boyfriend too. Naoya chooses to have Saki and Nagisa as girlfriends simultaneously. Since Naoya’s parents are working outside their home, the two girls decide to move in with him.


  • Naoya Mukai: Naoya is a kind and honest boy who is trying to do his best to make both of his girlfriends happy. He is often indecisive and struggles to keep up with the demands of his two relationships.
  • Saki Saki: Saki is Naoya’s childhood friend and his first girlfriend. She is a kind and caring girl who is very supportive of Naoya. However, she is also very jealous of Nagisa and often worries that Naoya will leave her for her.
  • Nagisa Minase: Nagisa is Naoya’s second girlfriend. She is a cheerful and energetic girl who is very much in love with Naoya. She is also very understanding of Naoya’s relationship with Saki and is willing to share him with her.


Girlfriend, Girlfriend looks at themes such as polyamory, truthfulness, and communication. The drama also highlighted the difficulties of keeping multiple relationships and the significance of trust and understanding.


Girlfriend has been selling well ever since its release with more than 10 million copies in circulation as of August 2023. Critics have also applauded the show for its humor, its truthful take on polyamory, and the creation of real, relatable characters.


Girlfriend, Girlfriend is a fresh romantic comedy series that depicts the challenges and benefits of living with more than one lover. The series is well written and nicely illustrated with characters that are quite likable and even relatable. Therefore, if you are looking for a romantic comedy manga series that is something out of the normal, then you should consider reading Girlfriend, Girlfriend.

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  • 22 July 2021

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