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Dr Stone- 6 Changes You Watch!

Hey! everybody is triple L and right now I’m coming  on dr. stone this time specifically it’s a comparison Blog telling you about the differences between dr. stone episode 1 and chapters 1 & 2 of the Dr. Stone manga are you ready for some post-apocalyptic trivia I sure AM but I’m not really sure you can consider this post-apocalyptic trivia episode one was really faithful and the stuff that was dropped was very minor.
Dr. Stone manga

What you mostly lost out on in that patient was mostly very small context and honestly it ain’t gonna change your viewing experience in any particular way so with that out of the way let’s just jump into it.

Yuzuriha joke that Taiju 

The first change is an interesting one that revolves around Yuzuriha Ogawa there was some skipped dialogue where you Yuzuriha joke that Taiju  was about to confess his love for her this was just a nice genre savvy joke that just added some levity to the situation it just made the girl a little bit more adorable.

The President of the United StatesThe next change that I personally was very sad about was during the montage of all the people being turned into stone the anime didn’t show the President of the United States that’s a wasted opportunity right there man like the guy the guy wanted to do so much and when we lost out on that anyway.

Girl that was calling out for her parents
 The next minor change was on this girl that was calling out for her parents in the anime it was showing that she also had a little dog but in the manga this was actually two girls one that was crying out for her parents and the other that had the dog so what’s interesting about this change is that the anime’s phim lined these two girls into one originally the girl with the dogs panel was right above the panel of the feral dogs the implication being pets went feral after humans stopped being a thing that’s what that page was trying to show in the anime the distance between the shot of the puppy and the shot of the wild dogs is greater such that you kind of lose that immediacy but the anime makes up for it by showing the feral dogs with a collar so this one is probably my favorite change because of how they maintained the original idea being conveyed while also streamlining just well the girls right it was pretty neat that’s annotation done well right there.
Tsukasa first a little bit before found
The next change worth pointing out is that tied you actually spotted Tsukasa first a little bit before found Yuzuriha the anime has tied you finding Tsukasa much later this isn’t a big change but for manga readers it gave a hint as to who was going to end up being revived first between the two.
The lab they just showed us
The next series of changes were all around some missing context this time spatial context specifically the manga shows us where Taiju was relative to senku when they were petrified and it also showed us where the lab was relative to this tree house what the anime did is that they just had senku talking for that moment where he was explaining where he found tied you didn’t really show us that image and then for the lab they just showed us senku working on stuff at a slightly different angle that obscures the location of the tree house now I just want to add the anime does give you clues on the location of the tree house relative to the lab but you geta  real eagle-eyed to be able to catch the very small moments when they give you that glimpse big point here though is that the is much more straightforward about it looking at those changes it just seems like the anime was trying to save time and not having to draw new backgrounds for what was gonna be really one panel worth of content.

Whether or not Yuzuriha would like the beard
The next change comes in during the dialogue bless montage and this one revolves around white eyed you got a shave now you might be thinking like oh yeah you know he just thought he was too scruffy something like that but in actuality the reason was simply that Taiju  was concerned about whether or not you dirty huh would like the beard he was feeling really self-conscious about it and then Senku’s added in that without the beard they’d probably be a little bit more hygienic to each his own the final thing I want to share with you isn’t really a change but more of an add-on to the official manga after senku makes the quip about being Adam and Eve they have this little bonus exchange at the end of chapter 1 we’re tied to just kind of questions him on being Eve man all I can tell you is that I really hoped I’d you never stops being tied to anyway that’s pretty much it those are the big changes that I spotted and I say big changes but these changes are really small but hey now you know now you’re armed with trivia so that you can make your way into the vast wilds of the internet and impress some people maybe if that’s what you like to do anyway everyone thank you so much for Reading….
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  • 19 July 2021

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