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That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime: Rimuru Skills

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime as one of the most popular Isekai anime and manga out there slime Isekai relies heavily on its powerful main character Rimuru tempest but we will know how strong is he now as well as his current powers and skills. let’s start where he was unfortunately stabbed to death while with his companion and his partner reflecting on his sad life he was filled with immense regret he then makes some requests at the time of his death soon he finds himself reincarnated in another world as slime in general are passive creatures that hang in the form of a flower and live in ambient magic as a slime he is a monster who does not have to breathe sleep or eat as he can only live with the magicule in the environment.

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

 He has species specific to the skill of absorb dissolve and self-regeneration these are later fused with the unique predator skill to create the extra skill ultra speed regeneration this is one of the biggest reason why Rimuru is so strong because of his unique skill predator which allows him to devour anything from solid things to souls he is even able to consume monsters in humans as a result he achieved all their abilities and skills through predation.

Rimuru can absorb the target into the body 
Rimuru can absorb the target into the body however if the target is conscious the success rate is greatly reduced affected targets include organic and inorganic matter skills and magic with the help of analysis in parallel operation of great sage the absorbed target is studied and analyzed quickly if the required materials are present duplicates can be produced in the case of successful skill or magic analysis the same technique can be obtained in stomach the target can be stored the items produced via analysis can also be stored there is no storage time limit additionally it can isolate harmful objects that can’t be analyzed.

Mimicry Rimuru

 They will be used to replace magic energy in mimicry Rimuru can copy the look of the target the skills and abilities used by the target can also be used another reason why Rimuru is so strong is because of great sage is one of the first two unique skills were changed from extra skill sage at his death because he thought that since he was approaching his forties as a virgin.
The Great Sage is an AI

 He must be something bigger than a simple wizard The Great Sage is an AI that ran logical computations that exists within Rimuru it has a woman’s voice and acts as a guide for her when she is in battle and this are the sub-skills of great sage thought acceleration raises thought processing speed by a thousand times analytical appraisal the ability to analyze and appraise a target parallel processing the ability to detach thoughts and analysis of phenomena detached thoughts are also under the effects of thought acceleration chant annulment when using magic the chant is no longer necessary all of creation the ability to comprehend any non-concealed phenomenon in this world depending on the things the user understands and the information the user knows about additional information can be inferred and auto battle mode by giving permission to great sage.

 Rimuru can let it control his body temporarily under great sage’s

 Rimuru can let it control his body temporarily under great sage’s control Rimuru’s body is capable of using all fully analyzed skills arts magic attack moves and any other techniques to their maximum potential even if Rimuru himself can’t use them proficiently yet having only one of these makes him an overpower plus as the story progresses.

Abilities continue to Evolve

 The abilities continue to evolve the two not only that after being named by Veldora he gained additionally tremendous power and as Veldora continued living inside of him Veldora actually runs energy on Rimuru fills the energy and makes his energy source wider that’s why Rimuru can name so carelessly because when he names someone it can deplete magicule’s to a certain extent and based on the level of the monster but expending to much magicule’s in naming monster there is a chance that the magicule ‘swill not be replenished because of the help of great sage where he enters automatic sleep mode to regain his magicule’s through constantly absorbing magicule’s from the environment and Veldora’s power.

Veldora’s power.

Replenishing the loss of his magicule’s instead of losing his life force without being controlled automatically after Rimuru defeated ifrit he consumed Shizu Izawa because her life force was finally running out her last wish was for Rimuru to rest within himself and he obtained another unique skill degenerate which has two effects synthesis transform two differing targets into a single object can be used to merge skills together evolving them into new skills more than one skill can be acquired from the merging depending on the combination used and separation release the properties inherent to the target and make it into a separate object.

Orc Lord Arc

That’s why after he defeat the orc lord he was able to combine the unique skill predator and unique skill starved from the orc lord to become new evolved unique skill gluttony where it has three sub-skills were added corrosion the ability to decompose the target in conjunction with predation receive it is possible to acquire skills from one’s subordinates magic and knowledge also cannot be transferred and lastly supply whether a subordinate or not the user can grant an ability unto a monster with whom he has a relationship limited by the target’s inherent magical energy as time goes on.
Become a true demon lord

 Rimuru gains more and more new abilities and skills where Rimuru resolved to become a true demon lord he was after a very particular skill the ability to resurrect the fallen tempest citizens and bring them back to life but evolution came at a price to become a demon lord Rimuru would have to kill at least ten thousand enemies simultaneously Rimuru obtained the unique skill merciless while he was massacring the Kingdom of Falmuth army allowing nobody aside from King Edmaris Falmuth  and Reyhiem to live after acquiring the requirements for the evolution of demon lord are met the voice of the world will announce the harvest festival will begin immediately and cannot be stopped during the evolution from slime evolve into demon slime all his bodily attributes are greatly enhanced all his physical abilities have improved and he can freely change between a material and a spiritual body all of his intrinsic skill already reacquired and the new additional sub skills are added infinite regeneration works even quicker than its previous version and can now even regenerate from having the spiritual body shattered universal detect multi-purpose sense skill that contains the effects of other sense skills like magic sense sense heat source sense sound wave and keen smell .

Demon Lord’s Haki a skill

Demon Lord’s Haki a skill that enhances a magic-based creature’s monster aura this skill is a composite of several other skills like coercion and magic aura among others it causes fear and can even cause instant death to those who can’t resist it enhanced replication improved version of replication capable of being used as an incarnation medium for true dragons universal thread enhanced version of sticky steel thread upon evolving into a true demon lord Rimuru’s skills great sage and degenerate fused together and evolved into the ultimate skill wisdom Raphael  with his skill upgraded thought acceleration speeds up Rimuru’s ability in processing allowing him to raise his thinking rate a thousand times analytical appraisal the ability to analyze and appraise a target and other new added skill modification synthesis and future attack prediction and later on wisdom king Raphael evolved.

Wisdom king Raphael evolved

 The unique skill gluttony by merging with the unique skill merciless a new ultimate skill gluttonous king Beelzebuth it grants another new abilities like the soul consume the ability to take over the souls of anyone begging for their life asking for help from the user shrinking or escaping and food chain is probably one of the most overpowered ability.

New ultimate skill gluttonous king Beelzebuth
Rimuru has it was derived from receive and provide an ability that allows the user subordinates to provide their strength to increase his own he may also divert some of his strength down to them food chain also grants him access to the skills of those connected to him spoiler alert this information is ahead from the anime series additional information from the manga since the season 2 last episode were left cliffhanger after wisdom king Raphael analyzed and assessed the unlimited imprisonment he was able to release Veldora’s from his prison and later on it was integrated with the skills of his subordinate or also accumulated a food chain effect has evolved into ultimate skill covenant King Uriel.

Release Veldora’s from his prison

This ability includes unlimited imprisonment the ability to completely seal the target with the ultimate seal he can now also use imprisonment to Veldora law manipulation the ability to control heat by manipulating inertia it is now possible to release and absorb heat at will universal barrier provides absolute defense with a multi-layer barrier and distort space in order to create absolute defense and lastly spatial domination movement ability allowing the user to freely switch between spaces for which they are aware of the coordinates it seems that the sky is the limit for Rimuru and his abilities Rimuru becomes so strong and up that he is now able to defeat some of the strongest of monsters without resistance of course not only him and also with the help of his friends by the end of season two Rimuru has advanced to the point that he is on the same level as a true demon lord this evolution gave Rimuru even more amazing abilities and increased his strength to a level never seen before in the series his development is such that he will soon approach the level of being god before the end of the series.
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