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In MHA, Izuku Midoriya has a quirk called ‘Black Whip’

Black Whip is a quirk manifestation of One For All that allows Izuku Midoriya to generate and control black whips from his body. As for the whips, they are very tough and versatile instruments that can be applied to numerous purposes, including fighting enemies, seizing objects, and holding enemies off.

The My Hero Academia manga first showed Black Whip in Chapter 247. Izuku discovered the quirk while training with the Number 1 hero Endeavor and mastered it in the shortest possible time.


Izuku transforms into Black Whip, a long black whip that extends from his body. The whips themselves are small spike covered and very sturdy.

The first of these manifestations is Black Whip, which appears as long, black whips from the body of Izuku. They are very strong and made up of small spikes covered whips


Black Whip can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Attacking enemies: Izuku can use Black Whip to attack enemies from a distance. The whips are incredibly strong and durable, and they can easily pierce through flesh and bone.
  • Grappling with objects: Izuku can use Black Whip to grapple with objects and swing through the air. The whips are also strong enough to support Izuku’s weight, even when he is carrying other people.
  • Restraining opponents: Izuku can use Black Whip to restrain opponents. The whips are strong enough to hold even the most powerful villains in place.

In addition to these basic capabilities, the Black Whip has several other distinctive features. For instance, the whips could be used to build a barriers and shelters. They can also be used for generating electricity.


However, Izuku’s stamina is greatly depleted by the Black Whip. However, he can use the quirk only for a limited time, as after this period he becomes exhausted.

Lastly, the Black Whip is also hard to control. Izuku must be very cautious when using the quirk, otherwise he can hurt himself or even others.


Izuku’s black Whip is an amazing and powerful quirk, which helps him in any fighting. Nevertheless, it is necessary to mention that the quirk is not without any disadvantages. However, Izuku can harm himself or others with his Black Whip.

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  • 19 June 2021

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