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Light Novel ‘Koujo Denka no Kateikyoushi’ Receives Anime Adaptation

The Fantasia Bunko Thanksgiving 2023 event announced an anime adaptation of Riku Nanano’s Koujo Denka no Kateikyoushi (Private Tutor to the Duke’s

It has been decided that Riku Nanano’s novel “Her Royal Highness’s Private Tutor” will be made into an anime.

This was announced during the online event “Fantasia Bunko Dai Thanksgiving Online 2023” held today, October 14th. “Her Royal Highness’s Private Tutor” is a fantasy work that begins when Ellen, a young man with substandard magic skills, is chosen to be the tutor of Her Royal Highness, Tina, who cannot use magic at all. In addition to the 15 volumes published by Fantasia Bunko, a comic version drawn by Mutoto is currently being serialized on KADOKAWA’s web manga site, Shonen Ace Plus.

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  • 14 October 2023

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