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Paladin Acier Silva unleashed & Lucius Plan | Black Clover Chapter 354

Black Clover Chapter 354 is titled Judgment Day and begins with Lucius arriving in the Clover Kingdom with three paladins. The kingdom evacuated everyone in the kingdom of the nobility and sealed the borders in preparation for the attack. Neighboring countries like the Spades and Hearts kingdoms have also been warned of the Day of Judgment.

According to Black Clover Chapter 354 spoilers, as the Magic Knights prepared for battle, Yuno arrived at the front line along with Charlotte, Yami, Jack, and William. Yami and Charlotte had a conversation, during which she apologized and said she was arguing “with no personal feelings.” Yami invited her to tea after the fight.

Black Clover Chapter 354 then focused on Lucius, who revealed his three paladins, including Morgen, At that very moment, Lucius and Morgen arrived in the Clover Kingdom tertiary. Jack mistook and confused Morgen with Nacht. However, just as he realized this, Morgen attacked Jack in his paladin form, severing his left arm and leaving a hole in his body. Yami was shocked to see his younger brother die as the paladin said goodbye. Yami and the others. Lucius’ other champions were Morris and Steel. Acier was Noelle’s mother and had to fight against the Silvas.

angels" in the sky

Although it seemed like the situation couldn’t get any worse, the boy soon noticed several “angels” in the sky. However, it turned out that they were paladins who had gathered all over the Clover Kingdom. Lucius prepared his attack and the magic of light began to penetrate the cloudy sky. Black Clover Chapter 354 revealed three more Paladins, surprising fans since Morgen and Acier were already dead.

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  • 21 March 2023

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