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Tenjiku Arc-Tokyo Revengers

When Takemichi returns to the present, Tenjiku has absorbed the Tokyo Manji Gang after an event known as the “Kantō Incident”, leaving Mikey so demoralized that he killed all of his friends. As Takemichi and Naoto investigate Tenjiku, they both learn that Kisaki is a member and Shinichiro is the founder of the Black Dragons. When attacked by Tenjiku members, they are mortally wounded and Takemichi travels back in time before they both die. Hinata overhears Takemichi mourning Naoto’s death and going back in time.

Kantō Incident

Takemichi learns that Tenjiku’s leader, Izana Kurokawa, is a close relative of the Sanos and harbors a jealous grudge against Mikey, especially when Shinichiro wanted Mikey to become the leader of the Black Dragons. In the midst of this, Mucho and his lieutenant have joined Sanzu Tenjiku and Koko is forced to join them. Impressed by Takemichi’s determination, Inupi grants Takemichi the title of leader of the Black Dragons and reveals to Tokyo Manji’s gang that Izana is planning an attack on the Black Dragons’ 11th anniversary, on February 22, 2006.

On the day of their fight, Takemichi loses the support of the other captains due to Kisaki and The Hanma severely injuring Mitsuya and Fourth Division captain Smiley. Also, Kisaki kills Mikey’s stepsister Emma, ​​leaving Mikey and Draken distraught. However, Takemichi rallies the rest of the Tokyo Manji Gang to fight Tenjiku, where only 50 members fight against Tenjiku’s 400 members.

Mikey and Draken arrive after learning from Hinata that Takemichi went back in time to rescue them

At the end of the fight, Mikey and Draken arrive after learning from Hinata that Takemichi went back in time to rescue them. When Tenjiku is forced to admit defeat, Kisaki shoots Kakucho, Tenjiku’s second-in-command, and Izana, mortally wounding the latter, and flees. When Takemichi confronts him, Kisaki confesses that the reason he took over the Tokyo Manji Gang was to improve his social status and get Hinata. He also considers Takemichi an enemy for stealing his attention and kills Hinata in every current timeline for rejecting him. In between, Kisaki is hit by a truck and dies. After the Kanto incident, Hanma flees while Mikey decides to disband the Tokyo Manji Gang so all of its members can move on.

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  • 13 March 2023

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