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Taiju Shiba is introduced as one of the strongest characters of Tokyo Revengers, and here’s everything you should know about him

Tokyo Revengers finally returns for a second season, bringing back a twisted storyline and epic gang fights. Fans can’t wait to see their old thugs like Mikey, Draken, Mitsuya, and Chifuyu back in action, but with the new season changing the plot of Christmas Showdown, more powerful manga characters come to life.

Tokyo Revengers usually presents us with daring characters with incredible strength, so now it feels normal. However, some of them leave a drastic impression on the viewers, and want to experience them more in the show. Taiju Shiba, introduced in Tokyo Revengers Season 2, wasn’t memorable at all. Here’s everything you need to know about him.

Introduction To Taiju Shiba

Introduction To Taiju Shiba

As revealed in the series, Taiju is the leader of the 10th generation Black Dragon Gang and the main antagonist of the Black Dragon arc. Taiju is the second tallest character in the series at an overwhelming height of 1.80m. He is usually seen in a red uniform intended to be the captain of the Black Dragon Gang, holding it open to show off his muscular physique. As shown in the series, Taiju has a stoic personality and enjoys fighting and dominating others, but ironically he is quite religious and attends church often.

He has earned a lot of respect in his Taiju gang. Not only is he the leader of the 10th generation of the Black Dragon, but he also trains his members to become some of the most elite warriors. Under Taiju’s leadership, the Black Dragon behaves like an army, following its commands not just out of fear, but with complete trust in its leader.

How Powerful Is Taiju Shiba?

Taiju’s strength is only surpassed by his gigantic body, and he is definitely one of the strongest characters in Tokyo Revengers. There’s hardly anyone who can take Mikey’s signature kick and stay straight, but Taiju woke up quickly from that kick. In fact, his punch was so strong that he was able to knock Mikey down with it, although the latter took the punch on purpose. In the battle between Black Dragon and Toman, Taiju expertly defeated several elite gang members. Takemichi said that none of the punches he was ever subjected to came even close to a Taiiju punch. Coming to his stamina, Taiju was able to remain conscious even when was stabbed and defeat several enemies in combat.

Taiju’s Family Relations

He is the older brother of Yuzuha Shiba and Hakkai Shiba

He is the older brother of Yuzuha Shiba and Hakkai Shiba. Hakkai is introduced to us as a burly teenager with overwhelming physical strength and second division lieutenant of the Tokyo Manji Gang. Similarly, Yuzuhu is portrayed as a strong teenager who easily defeats a Black Dragon member when Hakkai intervenes. But as soon as Taijo enters the frame, their behavior suddenly changes and they start shaking their shoes. Not only his enemies, but Taiju also enjoys dominating his brothers like bullying and beating them over trifles even though he loves them very much. But his overprotective nature has turned him into a bully and that’s why they seem to hate him.

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  • 21 February 2023

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