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Bleach-Yoruichi 10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About!!

hey guys, I know it’s been quite a while but today we are going to be counting down some more facts about yet another bleach character so today we are going to be counting down 10 facts about Yoruichi  shihoin this video was suggested by a ton of you guys .

Let’s just jump into it number one although we really never get to see it your Wie she does in fact have a Zanpakutō and we do get to occasionally see a glimpse of it in flashbacks the reason why she doesn’t carry it is unknown and we only know that she just prefers fighting without it however one thing we do know is that since your vici was previously a captain she does have a Bankai we know this because it has been stated that the 11th division is the only squad that’s captain has been decided by killing the previous captain rather than by the usual method of achieving Bankai and being recommended by other captains so your vici does have a Zanpakutō  and a Bankai for that matter but unfortunately we will never get to see it.

golden colored eyes

 Number two it’s pretty obvious that your vici has golden colored eyes however in the 19th cent of the colorful bleach miniseries Yoruichi is shown with purple eyes instead however in the next issue of colorful bleach her eyes are golden again 
Yoruichi x’ birthday
Number three Yoruichi x’ birthday is January 1st which is interesting because it’s actually one day after Kiki’s birthday also shuang’er alert there is a chance that your vici could in fact be dead but we will probably never know for sure.

Tribal-looking tattoo

Number 4 Yoruichi has this tribal-looking tattoo on her upper left thigh and this was shown in the drawing of all the bleach girls at the beach and regarding this tattoo I don’t think she actually has it because the only two instances of this tat two actually appearing seem to be that first drawing at the beach and then that filler episode in the anime where everyone is actually at the beach as you can see here this tattoo travels pretty far up her thigh so you’d think that during the last dark with the outfit that I will go over some of those now at the moment the main thing he needs is some more animators and artists so if you or anyone you know is an artist or animator that would like to help out make sure to contact him immediately he is also looking for voice actors so if you have some decent equipment and think your voice would fit well for a certain character or characters make sure to send him an audition on top of that he also needs help with sound effects Japanese voices music and just so much more but the thing he is going to need more than anything is support from the community so if you love bleach.
We would have seen a glimpse of it at least once if it actually existed but it never actually shows up at least to my knowledge and another instance is when your vici first transforms out of her cat form into her human form you can clearly see that this tattoo is not present so either she got this tattoo later on in the series and we just never really get to see it or it doesn’t exist so make sure to tell me what you guys think in the comments section down below.
Yoruichi is 156 centimeters

Number five Yoruichi is 156 centimeters tall or 5 foot one and a half inches tall and she weighs 42 kilograms or 93 pounds and I must say she is a lot smaller than I originally thought she was you know too spooky I thought she would at least be a little bit heavier because of how big her I’m gonna stop you right there Carl.

The most popular characters

 Number six regarding, She is definitely one of the most popular characters in the series but when it comes to the popularity polls she seems to fluctuate quite a bit in terms of how popular she actually is according to those for instance she placed 15th in the first poll and then she fell a few spots to 19th in the second poll Rose quite a bit to 7th in the third Pole and then plummeted to 28th in the fourth poll so apparently her popularity has just been all over.

Shihouin Clan

The place Number 7 Yoruichi is a member of the XI Shihouin clan which is one of the four noble clans in Soul Society she was previously the 22nd head of the XI Shihouin  clan and was relieved of her status when she left Soul Society out of the four noble houses that Shihouin  and Kuchiki clans are really the only ones we know about unless you include the Shiba clan who were relieved of their noble status but as far as we know each of these clans had some sort of duty they needed to uphold and the Shiho and clans duty was to protect a bunch of treasured tools and armaments that were given to them directly from the sole king or the gods so far we’ve only seen a handful of these treasured objects in action and even though you’re dou Ichi is no longer the head of the clan she still has access to a handful of these objects so it’s likely she took a handful of these items with her when she left soul Society or she has found a way to access them whenever she enters soul Society a few examples of these items are this object here that allows its user to fly along with this cloak bearing the Shihouin  clan crest that also allows the user to fly and were both given to ichigo by Yoruichi another example would be the she Hoenn shield that was used to destroy the sokyoku and as a side note the sokyoku was said to be as strong as a million Zanpakutō so the fact that this little shield was enough to take it down is very impressive.
Younger brother Ushiro

Number 8 this fact right here is mainly for people who haven’t read the last arc so just keep that in mind but so far we have only met two members of the Shihouin  clan the first of course being the second being her younger brother Ushiro so for those of you who weren’t aware Yoruichi has a younger sibling after Yoruichi left soul society and forfeit her title as the head of the Shihan clan her brother Ushiro  became the 23rd head of the she hill and clan he first appears holding this huge bag of those treasured items and unfortunately we really don’t get to see very many of them used but something that I did notice about him was that he also does not carry a Zanpakutō and I feel there could be two possibilities for why this is the first possibility being that he is simply not a Shinigami like Yoruichi was therefore he was never given a Zanpakutō although he is still very proficient with Haku de Shunko and shun ko so he must have received some sort of Shinigami training or something else on the same level and my other theories that maybe it’s just some sort of a customary for the Shihan clan to fight without their Zanpakutō is in the first place and this could very well be the reason why your ichi and her brother choose not to carry theirs.

Yoruichi doesn’t use her Zanpakutō,

Number nine although Yoruichi doesn’t use her Zanpakutō, she is still someone you definitely don’t want to mess with she is a master in both Shunko and Hakuta and along with that she is also able to use Shunko which is a very powerful technique that mixes Hakuta with Kido to create pressurized Kido that appears as lightning this technique enhances use in both her arms and legs and allows her to counteract her opponent’s movements she can also fire the concentrated Kido from her body at her opponent which creates an explosion this technique also has another form called Shunko regen Sankei which is where she can create a circle of the electrical energy she’s emitting that can unleash a giant column of energy that surrounds and engulfs her opponent and while she has rage in Sankei activated she can transform even further if she chooses to and since she does not like using this next form it can also be forcefully activated by ki sky this new form is called Shunko ride Usin K Tion Ryu Kokki OBO sin k and is basically a hybrid form of tion CO and her black cat form this form covers her in electrical energy and allows her cat-like nature to manifest itself within her e at Hsu and the reiatsu itself becomes unstable and will change its form whenever euro each E’s mood changes which just happens to be roughly 48 times per second making her attacks very unpredictable and the moment.

She can turn into a black cat

That you’ve all been waiting for Number 10 as I’m sure you’re all fully aware your which She can turn into a black cat how she can do this is currently unknown and as far as we know she has been able to do this for over 100 years the reason I bring this up is because I want to start a discussion on how this could be possible my first guess would be maybe it’s some sort of ability that is only perform about those who are members of the Shihouin clan so perhaps maybe her brother Ushiro can also turn into a cat my other theory could be that maybe your vici uses some sort of item that she took from the she Shihouin clan that allows her to perform this transformation or maybe it’s just something else entirely.
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  • 19 July 2021

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