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How the 10th Generation Black Dragons became so powerful | Tokyo Revengers

The Tokyo Biker Gang has ruled Japan for generations and has a distinct fan base in the anime Tokyo Revengers. Shinichiro Sano’s Black Dragons gradually became one of the leading criminal gangs, holding this position for decades.

However, it has a corrupt past and has occasionally reached the heights of success. When 10th-generation founder Seishu Inui declared Taiju Shiba the leader, things took a more interesting turn and he seemed to be leading the 10th Generation Black Dragons into a brighter future.

The gang operates between the rise and fall of an era specifically referred to as the “Tokyo Revengers Generation“.They have completely redesigned their uniforms to match their fearsome image and have been divided into units such as a strike group and an elite unit, each led by a unit leader who is Taiju Shiba’s direct subordinate. These updates ultimately made the 10th gen more powerful.

All the reasons that resulted in the 10th Generation of Black Dragons becoming so powerful

Tokyo Revengers, the 10th generation of the Black Dragons, is famous for being quite powerful and united. The leader Taiju Shiba and other members are to be commended. This would not have been possible without his will and the coordination of the gang members.

Taiju Shiba is considered the toughest ringleader of the Tokyo Revengers. He endured tremendous strength in his massive stature. He’s young enough and has all the qualities that make him the strongest. After being challenged by Sheishu Inui, Taiju proved himself a worthy leader of the Black Dragons.

From there the gang had their rise and had to go through a revolution that eventually led to the improvement of the gang as a whole. Taiju changed the image of black dragons in people’s minds to become notorious, which was one of the reasons why they became so powerful.

In Tokyo Revengers, Taiiju fully decentralized the Black Dragons, allowing for faster decision-making and better coordination among party members. He split the gang into two units called Attack Squad and Elite Squad. Both groups had their own leaders and acted independently.

The commanders of Unit were Taiju Shiba’s direct reports and reported directly to him. They were also chosen as those who were allowed to know the top-secret information about the gang. This led to a better communication structure within the Black Dragons, which ultimately led to better coordination.

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  • 22 February 2023

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