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Lucky Roux: The Fastest Character in One Piece?

One of the widely loved manga and anime series is One Piece. The question of the Fastest Character in One Piece and its identity is one of the hottest issues among fans. Some fans say it is Kizaru the Admiral of light who changes and moves at light speed. On the other hand, some other people think it is Lucky Roux, the first mate of the Red-Haired Pirates, who have never been observed at full speed.

Some evidence suggests that Lucky Roux is faster than Kizaru. Roux shoots a mountain bandit in the head before he reacts in the first chapter of the manga. This implies that Roux has really quick reflex actions. Roux is also modeled on Lucky Luke who is said to be able to shoot faster than his own shadow.

Lucky Roux is faster than Kizaru

In support of the theory that Kizaru is the faster character is the evidence that Kizaru was in the same vicinity as the Straw hats. What else, does Kizuru transform into and move at the speed of light? This is a great power, and it is hard to envisage any other character outrunning it.

In conclusion, the question of who is the fastest character in One Piece is left unanswered. This is a matter of opinion, and there is evidence in support of both theories.

My opinion

I think that Roux may be faster than Kizaru. Yet, I also think it is possible that Kizaru is quicker. In the end, it is the reader or the viewer who decides which one of the characters they consider fastest.

Personally, I think that it would be more interesting if Lucky Roux was the faster character. It would be a nice subversion of expectations, and it would show that even characters who don’t have flashy Devil Fruit powers can be incredibly powerful.

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  • 7 November 2023

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