“Tokyo Revengers” enters “the most tear-jerking” Tenjiku edition
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“Tokyo Revengers” enters “the most tear-jerking” Tenjiku edition

Finally, the biggest conflict in the history of Tokyo Revengers, `Tenjiku Arc,” begins. No one can stop this fight now.

The previous work, “Holy Night Battle Edition,” was an anime called “Tokyo Revengers”, which depicts the conflict over the Shibasan brothers. The latest chapter, “Tenjiku Arc,” which is the continuation of the series, will be broadcast from October. The Tenjiku edition is said to be the biggest and “last” conflict in the history of Tomanji. The meaning of this copy is also profound.

The Tenjiku arc depicts the “Kanto Incident,” a conflict that breaks out between the Tokyo Manji Gang by Mikey and the Yokohama team “Tenjiku.”

Takemichi, the Mizonaka Five, and Chifuyu run into Tenjiku members who have entered Shibuya to destroy the Tokyo Manji Gang, and are ambushed. Takemichi and his friends struggle alone, but cannot compete against them due to the overwhelming difference in numbers. In a desperate situation, Kisaki appears wearing a jersey kamikaze uniform. Furthermore, Kanji Mochizuki, one of the Tenjiku Four Heavenly Kings, also appears, and Takemichi and his friends are brought to the brink of despair.

Meanwhile, Takemichi, a time reaper, had a certain question in his mind.

“What if? After I change the future, there are people who are tampering with it even more…?”

In the “Tenjiku Chapter,” the story gets closer to the essential parts, and many attractive enemy characters also appear. The central character of this chapter is Izana Kurokawa, the leader of Tenjiku. He is a boy with brown skin, pale hair, and large earrings with a mysterious pattern, and he reigns as the boss of Tenjiku.

The first key visual depicts Izana standing on the roof of a skyscraper with numerous buildings in the background, as if to represent his “top-class strength in the Kanto region.” Also, on the top page of the anime’s official website, you can see him smiling comfortably while facing Mikey. Mikey is invincible and even defeated the giant Daiju Shiba last time, but will his strength be able to pass against Izana Kurokawa?


The Haitani brothers also appear in the first PV. The two of them, who ruled Roppongi together, have been seen briefly at key points in the story. However, this time, his older brother Ran is one of the Tenjiku Four Heavenly Kings, and his younger brother Ryudo holds power as a Tenjiku executive. I’m also curious about their “past history” up until the Tenjiku edition.

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  • 4 October 2023

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